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Tuesday, 20 July 2010



those s&p fried items sure looked good!


I found a place that sells Li Hing in PB. Motu Hawaii. Ever been there?


Hi Kat - Yes, this place does fried quite well.

Hi Johari - Wow, they're still around. They've been there since Da' Kine's was upstairs. I used to recommend that place when folks wanted leis.


Ooh, I need to go to Royal Mandarin! I've never had these salt n pepper wings, but have been wanting them ever since your taste test post. Time for a National City trip. I need more ice cream too. I just saw Honey Pig the other day and was wondering if it was any good.

Fat Fudge

Hey Kirk came across this:

Hope you and the Mrs. weren't affected.


Isn't Royal Mandarin your best place for salt and pepper chicken wings?

I notice you have salad for panchan at Honey Pig. They didn't have that when we went.


I have never dined at Royal Mandarin - it's always to pick up a tray of wings! I didn't think I was really missing anything by not eating at the restaurant, although that shrimp looks tasty.

The salt & pepper calamari was pretty good, but as a party tray, it really deteriorated if you didn't eat it soon.

We have a family party next month, and already received a request for salt & pepper chicken wings.

ruby wong

Glad that Royal Mandarin is open again, but I like to get my ABCDE food fix over at Panda Palace which is across the street. I find that their Salt Pepper Chicken Wings are not overly dry and the the egg noodles they use for the up-side down dish is more suitable.

Mmmm.... Honey Pig looks tasty.


Hi Kirk, I get overwhelmed at names of edible cow parts. My favorite is Harami, I think called outside skirt.. Not the most tender but great flavor. Anyhow the S&PCTasting was one fun day! :)


Hi Kirbie - Honey Pig is ok, it is cheaper than other alternatives.

LOL FF - The Missus came across that the other day as well. And no, we weren't affected.... at least not my my knowledge.

Hi Tammy - It was, and it's still my favorite, though for a while they weren't quite up to par. That "panchan" is actually for the bossam.... did you guys have dduk and mu wrappers for your BBQ?

Hi Sandy - The S&P Wings are bascially the only thing I eat at Royal Mandarin, but the Missus likes some of their other dishes.

Hi Ruby - You know, I've gotten some pretty funky tasting wings from PP.... once they tasted real sweet, twice they had the residual taste of shrimp.....

Hi Dennis - I think the Harami from Tsuruhashi is the most flavorful cut they have.... though for some reason, I haven't been back in a while.


Hi Kirk! The finger meat looks like something I would enjoy. I'll have to keep Honey Pig in mind when we want a cheaper alternative.

There's a "fairly" new Korean restaurant in RB that I've been meaning to try but haven't yet. It's called Soban. Have you heard anything about that place?


I forgot to mention, the exec. chef of Soban was on the "liver" challenge of the Japanese Iron Chef.


Hey Carol - Two people mentioned Soban to me.... but I'm waiting for more reliable info before I make my way up there.


We took our 5-year-old here for his first Korean BBQ experience this weekend. He loved it! The food was decent. However, is it standard practice for the servers to put the meat on the grill for you? I didn't see them doing that to other guests and I kind of wanted to do it myself. Also, we ordered a side of spicy tripe...but received something more akin to intestine (never see tripe look like small tubes before). It was good, but not what we thought we had ordered.

We got bulgogi and pork belly. The belly was OK, but we really liked the bulgogi.


Hi Jan - They'll do that for non-Korean customers.... they try and do that for me, but I just tell them we can do it ourselves. I believe they are worried that we'll screw things up, and won't have the best experience. The Missus like the bulgogi, and it's priced fairly reasonably. You're training the little early on! I like that!

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