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Tuesday, 13 July 2010



Mutton!?! Wow. Wow. Wow. Do you remember that one Seinfeld episode about Mutton :)

I've never had the courage (or the chance) to eat Mutton. Is there a meat you can compare the taste (of Mutton) to? I'm thinking goat (b/c i've never had goat either!).

jeff c

this place reminds me of the restaurant next to Hong Kong market in Rowland Hts, 3 families village. Northern style dishes. Cat's ear noodles, lamb broth, etc. Great stuff but I haven't been there in years so I don't even know if its still open or if its even any good.


Hi Faye - Mutton is just grown up lamb..... it's a bit more gamey, but I love the flavor. "Salads got nothin on mutton!"

Hi Jeffrey - We liveed right around the block from the place.... it was kinda hit and miss for us, but really cheap! It is one of the places (like Shau Mei and HK Fishball) that's still around in that plaza.


it sounded hit or miss, I'm surprised you'll be back.


Hi Kat - Yeah, I think we'll give this place another shot.... especially if they are like Tianjin Bistro.

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