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Thursday, 08 July 2010



hi kirk - i'm so glad the SEL2 combined the 3 flavor fish w/pinecone fish. loved both dishes but now the sauces will be together. yay! at SEL original loc, i love the #48- the issan sausage. funny, i was just here recently with my gbf and we had that plus the bamboo shoot salad. he didn't really like the salted fish powder on it. their 3 was also very hot!!!!


Hi CC - Most folks either love, or hate that bamboo shoot salad.... The food at the LV location is about 30% spicer than Santee, at least to me.


I'm jonesing for a SEL visit tonight. Do you prefer the original or 2nd location more?


Hi Liz - I prefer the LV location for more the various larb, and spicer dishes. I like SEL2 for more refined, and Bangkok style dishes. The Missus prefers SEL2. I hope that helps!


hi kirk - i'm kind of in the middle with the bamboo shoot salad. i don't hate it, but it's not my most fave thing either. i just got it to have variety with my friend. plus, i like the stringy cut of the bamboo shoots. i kind of want to go to SEL2 just to have that fish now!


Hi Kirk I've been thinking for a while now that I need to revisit SBL-2 soon. Thanks for the reminder!


Hi Kirk,
Thanks for the reboot on SEL. I've been wanting to go back there. This week for sure.
The vacation pictures are terrific


Hi CC - The Missus said the same thing about getting that fish after seeing the photo!

Hi Dennis - I need to get back there again soon too!

Hi Stephen - I'm glad you enjoy the vacation photos.... there are a ton more to come.


glad you were able to get your sab e lee fix :)


dang, everything looks great!

have you been to jitlada in LA? i know the foodbloggers are gaga over it, but frankly, i don't trust their taste like i trust yours, mainly because they don't seem to be able to convey how the food tastes--just tons of superlatives and non-specific adjectives.


Hi Kat - SEL was what we wanted when we got back.

Hi Santos - We went to Jitlada years ago, and weren't impressed. But that was before the all the "special menu" and "off menu" items.... There are folks who tell me that the food there is very special....


"special" makes me think of my dog who is a couple sandwiches short of a picnic (but quite loveable :)). i was looking at photos of the food and to me it doesn't look as good or as fresh as the delicious dishes posted here. i'm wondering if it is something like royal cuisine or stuff usually reserved for special celebrations. which is fine every once in awhile, but give me the black egg pow at yai any day!


Hi Santos - I think many of the dishes are "Southern Thai" which is a lot richer and heavy, probably due to the Muslim influences, as well as a lot of Seafood. Issan-style uses much mroe vegetables, and is less oconut ilk and curry oriented. Now you've got me thinking about Black Egg Pow again....

Ree Miller

The panang curry at the original Sab-E-Lee is the best panang curry I have ever eaten.


Hi Ree - I'm glad you enjoy it. It also says something about the state of Thai food in SD. The folks at SEL aren't really from the region that specializes in Panang Curry.... it's really not even one of their top dishes.

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