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Tuesday, 06 July 2010



first! lol what is going on in the beginning w/ all of those characters?? that's bananas. beautiful pics as i'm really wanting some chinese now haha...must resist the late night munchies!


I saw on tv that it is very expensive to give tabacco for weddings/celebratory events...that is one country which will not be non-smoking!

In Hawaii, you can have the lion dance done at your Chinese wedding, along with firecrackers.

As China is rather famous for "borrowing" characters, I wonder if Disney knows about it.


LOL Sawyer!

Hi Kat - At most Chinese weddings I've been to, you always have the booze.... but this one had cigarettes as well. That was a first for me.


I had the same thought as Kat, wondering if that wedding was sanctioned by Disney!

Maybe the cigarettes is an only-in-China thing. I guess that's why there's an ashtray on the table.

What was inside the red boxes at each place setting? And was the double happiness character on the plates removable?

And the most important question - did you eat dessert first? I can't imagine setting the cake aside while you have all those courses!


Disney characters and drum circles... I knew I was missing something at my wedding!

I want that dish of skewered prawns..


The disney characters thing is so funny. Abalone and shark fin??? Oh wow..
Love all the diff desserts. Though I would want to collect them all...


Hi Sandy - Guys do like to smoke in China... it's a cycle.... smoke => hack and spit => back to smoking! The red box had, if I recall... cookies! Yes, more snacks. The "double happiness" was just paper decoration which came off. And last, but not least.... most of the desserts were eaten before the meal barely started.... after a good session of trading, bartering, and sharing. Good thing I don't have a sweet tooth, eh?

Hi Rosa - Well you still have your next anniversary! ;o)

Hi Kirbie - I think the Missus and her cousin tried to get as many as they could.....


Eh, I'll just wait till my 2nd marriage. This one is just a trial run as Husband puts it. ;D Hahahaa...

jeff c

there was an interesting article on how mattel was marketing barbie to young women. This relates to the disney character since it seems that the stigma of it being kiddie related characters doesn't carry over to China or Asia in general.
Great photos!


LOL Rosa! Hmmm, maybe I'll borrow you're husband's quote. ;O)

Hi Jeffrey - They sure seemed to love M & M.... and whomever those other characters were.


wow, what a wacky surreal setting! but being a Californian, I love the It's a small world motif! and I must say that wedding banquet looked special.


Hi FH - It was very interesting to say the least! Would you believe that this was our fourth banquet in three days!

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