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Wednesday, 28 July 2010



I think I love your travel posts the most. The pictures and places you visit really show off the true vibe of the locale.


What is so special about the chicken? I bet it was the neck that the Missus wanted ;-) and the second to the last picture I need me some.

Jeff C

another awesome slice of life post. Love all the pics too and no its not long.


Was the cloth to keep the chicken extra moist? Does it have a different flavor to the other roast chicken? Your yam photo brought me back memories too. We had sweet potato trucks come by our neighborhood in the fall (like ice cream trucks in the summer). Ours were bright purple inside though. Anyway fun post as always. :)


Hi Rosa - I'm glad you enjoy these posts! Thanks for reading.

Hi Bill - It's roasted with a different set of seasonings. Dezhou is a city in Shandong province, and they are well known for their roast chicken.

Hi Jeff - Thanks, as you can tell, we really enjoyed this trip.

Hi Dennis - Yes, it keeps the chickens moist. I didn't taste the other chickens, but I'm pretty sure it was prepared differently. BTW, the Missus loves Okinawan Sweet Potato, and even though we can get it here seasonally, we always get some when we're in Hawaii... it seems to taste better.


wonderful post. what a wonderful thought to be able to retire at fifty =)

and that roasted potato looks delicious.


Always love photos from far-away places. Thank you for sharing. What a fascinating open market ... almost like Nuuanu Chinatown, but on steroids! :)


those steamed yams remind me of the steamed sweet potatoes we can buy from vendors in Japan, similar to those you found. love your travel posts.


Hi Lynnea - The Missus really loved that sweet potato.

Hi Sherry - There are quite a few places like that market in the city.

Thanks Kat! I'm glad you're rnjoying the posts.


I suppose you know that I never miss a China post (or any other mmm-yoso post), and yes I keep searching every picture for the elusive bowl of rice. I told my sister that some areas of China don't eat rice, and her response was "who knew!"


Hi AZ - LOL! I'm thinking about you whenever I'm doing these posts now!

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