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Sunday, 11 July 2010



Thanks for the Mapo Tofu tip Kirk! I always thought a bowl of miso soup would complement plate lunches nicely. Kiki Sato's sounds like a great pit stop when heading up or returning from L.A. Seems I'll have to ask for the grilled pineapple replaced with avocados on their teri-chicken sandwich though... ;)


hope you get to check out more of the menu, sounds promising!


Hi Dennis - Have fun! No grilled pineapple on stuff, though.....

Hi Kat - If I don't get back there, it sounds like Dennis will!


I work in Carlsbad. Not too far from me. I'll have to give it a run. Thanks Kirk!


Dang, my sister just moved away from Oceanside so I doubt I'll ever stop in this place.

However, Hubby and I are thinking of returning to the Big Island in October for our 2nd anniversary. :D yum yum yum.....


Hi Liz - I hope you enjoy the place.... it's a bit more "healthy" than other similar restaurants.

Hi Rosa - Oh.... the Big Island.... one my favorite places!


Wasabi burger?? I can't wait to hear about that! Has been so long since my last loco moco...didn't have time on my last trip home to have one ^_^


Sign on the door said they were closed permanently when I drove by tonight.


Hi Myke - Thanks for the info.... man that was fast, they didn't even give it 6 months.

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