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Tuesday, 27 July 2010



oooo Cathy! This one was VERY well timed for me! I slept with the aroma of gently simmering tomatoes all through the night. I kept dreaming of the different pasta dishes I would create with the resulting sauce. That salad looks marvelous. Lettuce is gone for now, I'm getting ready to plant a late summer/fall crop and salad is just a dream for the moment. Mortadella... I gotta learn now to make that!!!


Cool. I've always wanted to try the one in Mira Mesa or Del Mar.


Hi Jo! I just took a giant batch of grape tomatoes, rinsed and did not dry and filled a soup pot almost to the top with the beautiful red fruit. Then I turned on the heat and let it all collapse, put about 5 cups into gallon freezer Ziplocs, laid each one flat and put them in the freezer. I now have a beautiful sauce or soup base ready for a meal. I can add herbs or not once I am cooking. It is so fun to have a garden.

This is an excellent group of restaurants, JF. I've always had excellent meals at all of them.


Looks great - have you been to Antica in La Mesa, and if so, how does it compare?


Excellent question which is difficult to answer, James. Both are definitely Sicilian and higher end Italian, with just about everything meticulously house made and rich in flavors. Antica Trattoria is bit smaller and has a more limited menu, possibly because of the lack of a bar with televisions and earlier closing hours than a different clientele is catered to at the open hours (Antica closes between lunch and dinner and Taste stays open from 11 a.m. daily)(The pizza choices at Taste are about five times more than at Antica). It really is a toss up and I have nothing bad to say about either restaurant. You do need reservations on weekends at both places...even though we live closer to Antica, I think we have been to both restaurants an equal number of times.

Hannah J

Wow, that is so surprising because I live about 3 minutes from here but I have never once visited. I always choose De Lione's just down the road as my favorite Italian food in Rancho! I will have to stop by here sometime.

Hannah J

Oops, spelled that terribly wrong.


We love Dieone's, Hannah. Used to go all the time when it was in Lemon Grove. Very much more homestyle, like Filippi's. Taste of Italy is kind of 'fancier' Italian. Really good but not diLeone's.


hi cathy - update - the Taste of Italy in Chula Vista closed about 2 years ago. It's now a fusion place called Valentino's. It was actually not quite in Eastlake (but they marketed themselves that way) but in the Otay Ranch area. When Taste of Italy was around, they were pretty good; I liked going to lunch there.


Hi CC- I was reading one of the Taste websites and copied it as far as location, since I knew about the Carmel Valley and Hillcrest ones. Corrected the blog, thanks. I do like the food here. Just enough heat so I can taste all the ingredients.


Cathy - thanks so much for the comparison. Antica is closer to me too, and I think it's such a jewel of a place. I can't wait to try TOI so I can compare the two!

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