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Thursday, 03 June 2010



Looks great Ed! I'm sure Lucy now knows that she'd never get handouts this good from the "other Ed"! ;o)


Jeebus Lucy is cute! I wouldn't be able to deny her anything. Salad sounds delish except for one little problemo, I hate mint.


Innn-terrr-esting! How long have you been making this?

ed (from Yuma)

Say what, Kirk? Yeh, AZ, Lucy is cute. She is also grateful when spoiled. Too bad about the mint - I suppose you could use Italian parsley, but . . . I've been making this salad (with variations) for several years now, jan. People generally like it. In some ways, it's just a varient of Greek salad - after all, watermelons are just big sweet red cucumbers.


Wow - that baby watermelon looks amazing! Where did you buy it from and how much was it per lb?

Random question - but do you have a specific technique on picking JUST the best watermelon (color, feel, or tapping method?). I always pick the dud ones :(

How would this salad be w/o the cheese?

Nice post :)


This looks like a wonderful main course. Of course I'd have to make half with onions and half without...Oh, watermelon is definitely a large cucumber. We planted both in our garden one year. Two words: cross pollination. The reddest most cucumber tasting watermelon ever...


This was delicious! With the heatwave hitting SD this weekend, I had to try this salad out. Added in some cilantro I had laying around as well, and I must say this watermelon salad was as refreshing as it looks :) Great recipe Ed! Thank you for sharing

ed (from Yuma)

Thanks, Linda. Easy and good, that's what I like.

I bought the melon over in Yuma, faye, but when I was in SD last week, I saw some at Whole Foods that were $.99 each (I think). They looked just the same. I always hold a melon by my year and rap it. If it sounds kindof resonant and hollow, it's good. The salad is fine without cheese - just substitute good pitted olives.

Cucee Sprouts

yummy!!! Here is my variation on a delicious watermelon salad: Chile-Roasted Feta and Watermelon Slab

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