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Thursday, 10 June 2010



Hey Cathy.... Deep Fried Butter, oh my......


WAHOOOO!!! LOL This is MY kind of post! We've been harvesting garlic for the past few weeks so the garlic stuff got me drooling. Email if you want my newest recipe, Shrimp in garlic cream over guinea egg pasta... ;o)


Hi Kirk...Yeah...the things I will do for a post.

Hi Jo! I will look-and try- everything garlic I see, just for you. The deep fried Pop Tarts look good to me, though. With the weather like it is today, I think a Hot Chocolate will be in order...


I'm just down the street. The food choices look deadly but I'm tempted to visit.


Yah, that deep fried butter must be the penultimate deadly food, with deep fried lard being the ultimate. But I guess they'll have to save that for the year of the "Be Healthy" fair theme.


Deep fried butter!?!?!? Better have those shock paddles on hand for when you go into cardiac arrest... O_O


If you can get some less than face value or free entrance tickets, then that'll save you quite a bit of money, Liz. We went yesterday (opening day) and things are pretty much the same as always. Tuesdays have $2 samples of food items at most of the booths (but the 15th is a $3 admission day with tickets bought at Albertsons, so it'll be crazy busy) otherwise, be prepared to spend on average $6 at each food both.
It isn't deadly, JF, as long as you eat a balanced diet. Like fresh fruit and veggies, for a week before and a week after that concoction...:)
The plates o' frozen butter (wrapped in tortillas and then deep fried) do need to be shared, Rosa. The garlic one is not as tasty as the cinnamon one(and I don't like cinnamon at all).


Do I spot fried avocado on that sign? I'd love to try that, it seems almost as decadent as deep fried butter (yuck, btw!).


Hello again, h! I tried the deep fried avocado a few years ago and it didn't send me. I like eating raw avocado with olive oil and maybe some salt... This version needed to be dipped in ranch dressing, which went with the batter and the avocado had no flavor.


Deep fried butter, I knew it was just a matter of time. :) Next year, how about some deep fried lard? Love all the pictures of the quilts.


It's just frozen flavored butter (garlic or cinnamon) in a a sort of quesedilla, Carol. I talked to some people who tried it and they liked the cinnamon better than the garlic. I dislike cinnamon more than I dislike chocolate, so really did not want to buy either. Lots of beautiful quilts this year.

Christine @ Tea for Two Sisters

Hahaa! Heart Attack Cafe, what a name! I'm so envious of the selections you have at the fair! We usually have a bunch of Pizza Pizza stands, along with random chip wagon fare at our dinky Super Ex. T_T


Hi again Christine. The San Diego County Fair is the fifth largest(in attendance) County Fair in the States and vendors line up to be here. They vie to sell the most so can get a spot on the Midway the next year. I have no idea what they can sell/deep fry to surpass these selections.

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