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Tuesday, 22 June 2010



You are a brave. I'm not sure I would have eat tripe raw but I'm done with beef anytime.


I agree with Bill, though when I saw the menu I knew you would try the larb beef.


Hi Bill - I don't think the tripe is raw, the dish is served ice cold though!

Hi Kat - Oh my.... am I that predictable! ;o) LOL!


Oh my. Can you explain what 'beef bile' is? That sounds really, um, 'different'. You are ridiculously adventurous/brave.

I haven't seen any Laotian restaurants in SD so it's really nice to see a place like this.

I bet all these small restaurants think you're a Food Critic taking pics to write an article on (hence why they're apprehensive/shy speaking to you at first)...

Nice post !


Hi Faye - Let's see if I remember my anatomy/phys..... bile is produced by the liver to help with digestion. It is fairly bitter, but is used in Lao/Thai/Filipino cuisine. Lao folks seem to enjoy bitter. There are three Lao restaurants in San Diego that I know of, this one, Sang Dao, and Asia Cafe, which might be the one you want to try.... I've got a bunch of posts on the place.
As for the food pics, I'd like to think that I'm fairly discreet, and believe that most folks don't even notice. And anyway, the conversation occurred before I took any photos. My camera is pretty small, and fits in my shirt pocket... plus, I really don't like attention very much. I think the woman was kinda hesitant because most of the customers that order what I ordered are Lao.....


I just moved to this area, i enjoy there Chicken Lab. Some places only have ground chicken meat, but here they have chopped gizzards, and liver i believe. You can also order mushroom or bamboo soup is delicous hot or cold. yas

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