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Thursday, 24 June 2010



I love the picture of the hands. How was the jelly fish? (I love jelly fish). I haven't had jelly pork since my high school days, and mom used to make the best jelly pork!

Long Yu

Hi, Kirk, the photo of grandparents' house also bring me back to the childhood with them and cousins. Even the physical condition may not good at that time, but grandparents gave us the treasure of life. It's my paradise which I eager to go for each summer holiday. And I always back to there in the dream nowadays.


Hi Carol - It was pretty good. There were better versions.

Hi Long Yu - 生日快乐 to you and your sister! The Missus asks if you've resigned yourself to fate, being middle aged??? She is still fighting it!


Ah man, inside and out that's such a beautiful building! Such a shame it's going to be torn down....


lovely get together and all that food!


You are spoiled like me :-D.
I wish I could go back to Vietnam and meet my MIL's parent I think I would be on a eating frenzy like you.


Hi Dennis - That building was made to last.

Hi Kat - Yes, it was.

Hi Bill - You should go see your in-laws..... and gain a few pounds in the process! ;o)


What a wonderful, special gathering. The chicken stories remind me of the ones my parents tell. My mom's family raised chickens also to be eaten. But she and her siblings treated them as pets until they would see a chicken show up at the dinner table and then they'd be so distraught. It's nice you and the Missus go to visit her home before it's torn down. Usually when I visit Taiwan, I go to where my mom was raised. But on one occasion, I went to visit where my dad was raised. It was also right before it was about to be torn down. I couldn't believe it was being torn down because it still seemed sturdy and livable, but I was really happy to get to see where he grew up before it was gone.


Hi Kirbie - I guess every family has their "chicken stories"! ;o) Seeing where someone grew up, gives you a better picture of what shaped an individual.


"chicken noodle soap anyone?" rofl kirk. only you. man you really lived the good life over many new things i've never seen and all of them look so good!


Hi Sawyer - You know how much I love a good (or bad depending on your viewpoint) pun! I couldn't resist that.

Bbq Dude

Wow, that meal looks great.


Hi BBQ Dude - It was quite a variety of different food and tastes.

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