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Wednesday, 30 June 2010



i don't know who you are but if i did you'd be my perfect bestfriend. i love food and will try anything. You describe everything so wonderfully!


man you guys are eating well on this trip!


LOL Alice! Thanks so much, I'm glad you enjoy the post.

Hi Kat - We ate beyond well..... maybe too well! ;o)


Oh, man! First you mention haw jelly, now there are haw drinks? Do you (or the Missus) know if haw jelly is a Qingdao specialty, or if you can find it in other areas of China, say Beijing or Guangdong?

I saw potato chips on a stick just like yours at the fair last week! Except that the ones at the fair didn't have the squirt of ketchup. It's hard not to like fried potatoes.

Those potstickers look so good ...


That young man certainly seems to be enjoying all the snacks. So fun! Please tell the Missus that she is fortunate to have a nephew who enjoys food. My niece only likes candy and fruit, which makes dinner a little bit boring =)

ed (from Yuma)

amazing. just love the china posts. thnx!!


Hi Sandy - We also had the drinks in Beijing, and somewhere else.... I'm trying to remember. Anyway, it seems to be pretty widely available. If you google 'Haw Nectar' I'm sure you'll be able to find out even more.

Hi Lynnea - He really did enjoy those pot stickers!

Hi Ed - I hope your injured "wing" is healing well.


I love reading these street food posts! So much food. And the Missus' family sounds so great, reminds me a lot of my family back in Taiwan.


nice kirk. chicken neck sounds especially delicious and the haw jelly sounds interesting. i've had those haw flakes that they sell at the market, but i'm not sure how accurate that is to the real thing. they're still good though!


LOL My wife loves necks too it's amusing for me to stare at her gnaw on it. Good grief are you guys going to stop eating in this post? LOL
And ever should try haw once in there life I think its yummy. This is what I think of when yo mention haw - love my grandparents bribing me with haws -


Hi Kirbie - I'm glad you're enjoying the China posts. Even though they take a bit more time; they are fun to write.

Hi Sawyer - You know, I wasn't quite sure when LH handed the little envelope to me. But that sure was good. I'm not a big fan of Haw Flakes, but I did taste the ones in China..... which were really, really, good.

Hi Billy - If you like the Haw in the states. You'll love the stuff in China!

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