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Thursday, 17 June 2010



The won ton soup was so cheap. Was it only won tons? No noodles?

Do you have any idea about the price range for the banquets that you've posted so far? It must differ in each city, too. It seems each banquet has over 20 courses!

I still have nightmares about crossing the street in Shanghai. The light turned green, but I could see an oncoming bus who had a red light, but he was NOT slowing down at all as he made the right turn. No way was I going to win the battle with a bus.

ed (from Yuma)

I've been waiting for more Chinese posts. Those banquet dishes look wonderful. I'm so hungry!


The driving situation in China sounds like how it is in Taiwan. I'm terrified of crossing the streets in Taiwan and my cousins always hold my hand like I'm a child. The street food prices are so cheap. I love that.


scary crossing the streets! but what a great family gathering (and all that food)!


Now that's a banquet! When I first saw the haw jelly, I thought it might have been pork blood pudding. I've only had haw flakes as a kid, never tried the jelly. The wontons look like it had a decent amount of filling in them. Yum!


Hi Sandy - Yes, it was Won Ton Soup, not Won Ton Noodle Soup. As for banquets, they run the gamut. You can get banquets as low as the equivalent of $10pp up to over $40+

Hi Ed - These posts take a bit more they may not come daily.

Hi Kirbie - We got used to it in a while, it's nowhere as crazy a Vietnam was..... but in a way it seems more so.... because of all the cars and buses.

Hi Kat - Just think, this was the first of four!

Hi Carol - You know, I'm not a big fan of Haw Flakes.... but I changed my mind when I had them in China.... they taste much better.


I can't get over the no rice thing, white steamed rice is my mostest favorite thing to eat right after tortillas :o) ! Love the narrative and the photos, I don't know how you remember it all. Good Job!


wow, this post is fantastic, i can just taste all of the food and it is making me want to travel. The wonton soup in particular catches my eye.


That was was alot of fun and eating.
The excitement and the energy from this post is contagious.I love haw remind me of my childhood with my grandparents never had the block but the flakes are yummy. Such a brown noser hehehehe I am guilty myself.


As a haw flakes fan, I would love to try the haw jelly. I wonder if the jelly is sold in the US, say in SGV or SF?

Time to go buy a package of haw flakes.


LOL AZ! The starches of choice are wheat based up North. Frankly, I don't think you'd miss rice very much.....

Hi Ali - Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed the post.

Hi Bill - You Haw lover you.... We had a lot of fun.... maybe too much fun, as you'll later see in QingDao.

Hi Sandy - You know, we haven't looked. Next time we're in the SGV, I'll make sure to see if they have it.

Long Hui

I am also very happy to be your friend at first sight, so many colorful photos with vivid words made deep impression on me. You are talent.


Great post Kirk but I must admit I did not know what Yang Rou Chuan was...had to look it up. Everything looks yummy so far but might have to pass on the hai chang worm thing....I would have to be super hungry for that

Bryan Q

Man, what a great blog! I just found this place after googling buta no kukani, and I really enjoyed that post as well as this one. The beautiful pictures and vivid descriptions are very inspiring - I'll be sure to check in more often =)


Hi Long Hui - Thanks so much for making me feel so welcomed..... I do need to visit Shenyang.... and get some Suan Cai Yang Rou!!!

Hi Chris - Sorry, I've mentioned Yang Rou Chuan so many times, that I just took it for granted that regular readers knew what it was!

Hi Bryan - Welcome, and thanks for taking the time out to comment. I'm glad you enjoy the blog..... and please, if you do try any of the recipes, let me know how it turned out for you! I'm always interested to know. Thanks again!

jeff c

Awesome pics, looks like you had a fantastic family reunion with your in laws. Can't wait to see more.


Hi Jeffrey - I hope you're doing well. It's really nice to hear from you. We did have a fabulous time.

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