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Tuesday, 08 June 2010



LOL RONW! I can't believe the guy ate it.... from the Ala Wai! He probably glows in the dark, or the metals now in his body sets off metal deteectors everywhere.


Xiang chun! I love your posts!

I've actually been trying to search for seeds or seedlings here in San Diego as well. Have you had any luck with that?


Hi Katie - Not in San Diego, though I haven't looked very hard yet. I'll let you know what I find.... we were planning on doing some serious looking in LA.


Hi Kirk, I'm so glad that I read your blog! You have such a wonderful way with words. I want you to know ... the Hsiang Chun Ya (toona sinensis) that you had in Qingdao, can be bought at the Irvine Farmer's Market. I know because I buy a bunch every time I go, and it's $5.00 for a bunch. The market is only open every Saturday morning, but there are so many organic Chinese vegetables. My hubby (Honeybuns) swears that the organic vegetables here taste so much better than 99 Ranch Market. If you are ever up this way, come visit.


Hi Tenjo - Geeez... thanks for the kind words. I just kinda type in a stream-of-consciousness way. Thanks for the info about Xiang Chun Ya! We'll try and make it up there one day!


Hi Kirk, long time reader, for time poster. I work with a private nursery here in San Diego. After chatting with a Chinese lady at the farmer's market, she offered us a Xiang Chun Ya tree and seedlings from her yard! We're going to work on propagating them. If you haven't found a source yet, I'll let you know when they're available. Big fan of the blog, especially the stories from China. My parents are from Shanghai and Hunan, and your posts on chinese food make me miss home.


Hi Jeff - Thanks so much for reading! Please do let us know when they are available.... we still haven't had the time to go hunting them down. Thanks also for thinking of us!


Wow, at first I thought you were at a restaurant, I can't believe all of that came out of that tiny little space. And it's just so fitting that you are part of such a food loving family, what an epic feast...


Hi FH - Yes, the Missus's family loves food! And fifth aunt is the best cook in the family.

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