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Tuesday, 08 June 2010



wow that was a lot of great homemade food! wonderful! we have shako (mantis shrimp) here and they put it on top of sushi.


wow! what a great family meal. missus should write more posts, that was a really lovely write up and reminiscence.

i've seen toona sinensis (toon tree) seeds for sale on ebay if you get stumped for a source....


beautiful post kirk. lot of love in a home cooked meal. i love that picture of all the jiaozi too!

Yet another Pam

Oh my! That banquet looked like the sort of meal I'd like to have once, but once would be enough. This is the kind of goodness you can eat everyday and never get tired of.


Hi Kat - That was delicious.... I'd never had it before.

Hi Santos - Thanks for the tip.... I'm hoping I can get them in LA at one of the Asian Nurseries.

Hey Sawyer - Thanks! I hope things are going well for you, I haven't heard from you in a bit.

Hi Pam - You're so right!


Here I was eating my breakfast thinking "HA! Not reading on an empty stomach" when you started describing the bathroom conditions on the train... You just can't cut me a break, can you?? ;P Hahahaa...

I want to go to Fifth Aunt's house for dinner!


I'm jealous of your big bowl of shrimp


amazing family! and such a sweet post.

ed (from Yuma)

Totally wonderful post. Each one of these Chinese posts just whets my appetite for the next one. Keep 'em coming!


a few years back when they dredged out the Ala Wai canal in Waikiki, they found a mantis shrimp the size of the operator's forearm, it was huge. Kinda weird looking though. But that's also true of the Kona crab, nevertheless, the meat of the Kona crab is also sweet. Perhaps, same species.

IMHO, that kitchen is excellent. Tiled to the ceiling makes it easier to clean, replete with it's own hood.


This home cooked meal looks amazing! I think home cooked meals can be better than banquet food. I can't believe the Fifth Aunt makes her own sausages! I'd love to try the shrimp.


Wow, so delicious-looking, and I'm sure even better because of the company! What a wonderful meal.


All that food looks fantastic! I have a bunch of relatives in China which I have never met, but now I am thinking I should take a visit soon.

Yu Yu

Kirk,My mother wanted to thank a lot for your coming. She was so glad that you enjoying her cooking. What she felt sorry that you could not eat for more meals at hers.

Long Yu

Hi, my dear brother, after reading, the flavour is back to my tongue also, I can not help to call fifth aunt and hope to get her "secret recipe".I am looking forward to next banquet with the whole family.


You're spoiled!


Hi Rosa - LOL! Well, I have such great timing, huh? ;o) I did stop before the gory details, though!

Hi Liz - Those were delicious!

Hi Lynnea - They are!

Hi Ed - Like I mentioned to you earlier...... the shellfish in QingDao are fantastic.

Hi RONW - The size of your arm!!! It already looks kinda scarey....

Hi Kirbie - Those sausages were a revelation.... you just can't compare to the stuff you buy in the markets...

Hi Jenne - This is a wonderful family!

Hi Sara - I tell you this much.... folks in China really know how to eat..... so maybe you should be making some phone calls! ;o)

Hi Yu Yu - It was so nice to meet you.... and it is I who should be thanking your Mom. I remember talking at Lu Sheng Hotel about what a fantastic cook your Mom is. She is not only a fanstic cook, she is also the keeper of all the family food traditions....

Hi Long Yu! I can't wait to see you all again...... Let me know how the "secret recipe" turns out! ;o)

Hey Billy - That would be an accurate statement! In the words of the Missus - "next life you be me, ok?"


The photograph of the cooktop says it all. That is a perfect depiction of how great a cook Fifth Aunt is. What a wonderful family you have.


Hi Cathy - I'm quite lucky to be part of this family!


Mantis shrimps ....

"Murderous, google-eyed crustaceans with barbed spears and razor-switchblades that can shred fish and flesh to ribbons"

I kid you not .... *Warning: gross*

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