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Tuesday, 01 June 2010


[eatingclub] vancouver || js

I don't know why they've deviated from what-I-assumed-to-be-normal jianbing shape: round and then folded. Why?

I'm very curious about the donkey meat. . .Also very very envious of your China trip: I'm living vicariously through these posts so you better keep 'em coming! :)


great post! that yogurt sounds wonderful and with such an adorable character on it, it must be!


could you please recommend a good place for "lu rou hou shao" in the San Diego area? Thanks


You ate DONKEY?!?! Looks totally yum! I would have eaten it myself. =o) The photos of the wall are fabulous.


Vacation or stepercise?
That was definitely a busy day.


Hi js - I'm not quite sure why Jian Bing had changed. Now it's either a lettuce leaf, or a kind of cracker that's put into the Jian Bing. We did find more traditional versions, but none of them used youtiao.

Hi Lynnea - Yes, it not only looked adorable, but was our favorite.... not too sweet, and not too sour.

Hi Chris - LOL! I don't think I've ever seen a Donkey Meat Restaurant in the US..... Try even finding horse on the menu, though the US sure exports a ton of it! Can you imagine what PETA would do with a Donkey Meat Restaurant?

Hi Jo - Donkey was totally as you said "yum"!

Hi Bill - You could say that this was a pretty active vacation.


Just curious, how long had it been since the missus had been in Beijing?


My stomach just growled audibly. The folded crepes, the sour milk yogurt, the donkey meat in flatbread...all looks delicious! The views from the Great Wall are breathtaking; it has always been a place that I want to visit. Can't wait to read the next one.


Hi Jan - Almost 20 years....

Hi Linda - I could never capture in photos the grandness of the Great Wall. It was amazing....


This was such a fun post to read! So many interesting sites. Your story about your MIL and voice projection was funny. Sounds like my mom. My friends always tease about how loudly my mom can yell when she calls for me to answer the phone, or calls us down for dinner. My dad always explains it as "it's because she used to teach at the university in Taiwan. So she has to have a really loud voice."


When I got to the end of your post I was kinda sad, it wasn't nearly long enough! Great writing, great pictures, great scott you ate a$$ samiches!


Hi Kirbie - You're Dad must be right! I'm glad you enjoyed the post.

Hi AZ - Thanks for the kind words! I hope my upcoming posts are as enjoyable. As always, thanks so much for reading!


Hi, I've been silently reading the blog for a while now and I loved the last few posts on your travels.

I visited Beijing while studying abroad in Hong Kong a few years ago. I did the Jinshanling/Simatai hike and I have NEVER been so tired in my entire life. And it was really cold too, since my friend and I were visiting during December.

I'm jealous of your food adventures! My Mandarin is iffy at best and my traveling partner spoke no Mandarin at all, so we ended up eating a lot of mediocre, touristy food. I wouldn't even think to look for some of the foods you tried.


Hi Alison - We've been in that pain in several places. Funnny thing is.... I speak no Mandarin, but I kinda know what I want to eat. I will say, that many shops had photos of their food. Don't know if they could deliver on what they display......but who knows? Again I go to the straightforward attitudes of the folk in Beijing and QingDao.We've found that folks originally from QingDao may be gruff, but they are also some of the nicest, honest people you'll run into. As for eating,there are some great resources..... though we didn;t use them in QingDao, because we had family.


So what I got from this post was
1) I need to be in shape when I go to the Great Wall.
2) You eat ass?!?!??! XD I'm a little intrigued by the donkey meat...


Hi Rosa - You won't have to be in any shape at all if you visit the Great Wall from the usual place, Badaling.

It's just that the place is usually filled with tourists.

It really didn't taste like a$$. I thought it was delicious, though I new it wasn't beef from the first bite.


long post but packed with so much info, thanks for sharing!

Eat. Travel. Eat!

Great (long) post! I get lots of memories from my two last trips to Beijing when reading this post. Beijing Normal University is definitely nicer than the Beijing University (in the countryside, not the main one) that I stayed at a few years ago for a camp!

The Great Wall looks fabulous. Very grand. I visited BaDaLing but due to the fact I was in a group they actually never walked up to the Great Wall(?!?!).

I love the yogurt available in Beijing. I like the "Bright" brand. On the otherhand the bag yogurt that you tried, I don't like that much. I had the strawberry milk back in the camp and it was horrible!


Hi Kat - I'm glad you enjoyed the long post..... thanks for hanging in there!

Hi ETE - They didn't let you walk up to the Great Wall??? That's just not right! The plain bag version is not bad...... just pretty generic.

ed (from Yuma)

Wow! Your visits to places are always different and interesting. I am eagerly awaiting more China posts. I'm hungry for Chinese food!

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