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Wednesday, 16 June 2010



That location has changed hands so many times! I remember going there once back when it was still Sammy's and watching a friend eat "snot"...hahaha.

Is Sushi Yaro open for business? I'm in SD and thinking of going to Convoy St. for dinner tonight before I head back home to LA. Was going to shoot for Dumpling Inn but sushi....mmmmmm...


Hey Rosa - It's still Convoy Sushi - but Sam has taken over, and has brought in "his" fish. I believe that July first is mainly a name change??? So your friend had Maguro Yamakake??? Good stuff.....

ed (from Yuma)

Glad to see Sammy back in the game. He knows his fish and sometimes it's great have a nearby companionable sushi bar - the sortof place you could eat good sushi and watch a World Cup game.


Glad to see Sam back in action! I noticed Aria Kabob Cafe yesterday when I was driving by.


Hi Ed - The place has a huge plasma TV..... maybe a pain for some folks, but I'm sure others will love it. You guys should drop by when you're in town.

Hi Carol - Aria is not facing the street, so I think I missed seeing it until recently myself.


This is great! Good to hear about Sammy is doing well.


No way! Tita is taking over Manila Tokyo? Interesting! Lion dance time!

Can't believe Sam is back at his "old" place. Very ironic! LOL. Congrats Sammy!


that's awesome. i will def. have to check his place out before i he looks older than i when i was at his place last 3 years ago


oh look it is the crazy live octopus guy


Hi Dennis - You should drop by and see him!

Hi Tammy - So you're gonig to line dance??? ;o)

Hi Sawyer - We're all getting older!

Hi Chris - Yep, it's that crazy live octopus guy....


The infamous Sammy! I've yet to try any of this establishments or meet the guy. Just know him thru your posts/blogs.

So is he officially at that Convoy Sushi location? I wasn't a big fan of Convoy Sushi. Does he have his own menu/items up? Any suggestions on what to order and if you prefer to visit during lunch or dinner?


Hi Faye - Yes, Sam is at the Convoy Sushi location. You may want to wait until July 1st, for a visit. Sam will basically make anything you want. I'm not a "rolls" kinda person, so he'll usuallu have one or two items that I can enjoy. If you like rolls he'll gladly make those as well.

Aubree Miller

Where did you find that picture of Sammy? I think it is quite possibly the worst photo I have seen of anyone I know. Very Misleading. Haha.


Hi Aubree - I took it on Monday night! Sam actually posed that way for it....... what a ham.....


I just visited today with some friends. He is open and will serve food, but right now they are undergoing a transition period, of sorts, between Convoy Sushi and Sushi Yaro. He plans to officially open on July 1, at which point the old Convoy Sushi signs and menus will go away.

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