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Saturday, 05 June 2010



nice that the youtiao didn't change, looks like a nice amount of food too.


When we went back to Shanghai a few years ago, I couldn't recognize the streets or know where to go, though I grew up there. But the Youtiao didn't change a bit. It was our standard breakfast every morning. Even to this day, my husband still remembers it fondly.


Whereas you'll always be hungry reading Kirk's blog. :)


Hi Kat - It was comforting for the Missus.

Hi Liz - That's a wonderful story! Change is inevitable, but it's good to know that some of the great things don't change.

Hey CP! Great to hear from you. I hope all is well.


Wow, I love the way you describe the you tiao. I'm curious to how it tastes compared to the ones I've had in Taiwan. It sounds like it tastes different.


Hi Kibie - I really wouldn't know, unless I tased the youtiao in Taiwan......

jeff c

crullers like these are the ones my wife always talks about. She's from Taiwan, when we visited her folks, she took me to the neighborhood breakfast place. crullers in sesame sao bing with cold bowl of soy milk. That was the best. I can only assume the reason the ones in the states are so doughy is that they won't keep as well or will be crushed too easily. But freshly fried ones are the best.


Hi Jeffrey - I'm also wondering if the ingredients are different in the states as well.

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