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Sunday, 06 June 2010



"and so we ate 25" love it!


Hey Kirk- that "wowotou" looks like a tamale. Would that be a good comparison? Looks like so far donkey meat is pretty popular, as is millet porridge and yogurt.


Hi Kat - LOL! We didn't want to waste perfectly good Jiaozi!

Hi Chris - It's more like cornbread actually. If you're interested I posted on wowotou before. I had it a Tianjin Bistro:

It is a staple of North China.

Oh, and you're leaving the youtiao off your list!


If I ever go to China, I'm taking someone who speaks Mandarin with me! I don't think I could manage to make it thru the crowds and figure out what was what on the menu... especially with Husband being as picky as he is!

The Chao Ge Da reminds me of the kung pao chicken looks at Panda Express.


That's so funny, a donkey rolling in dirt, that name just makes me want to eat one!


Hi Rosa - Yes, having someone who speaks Mandarin is helpful. But there are problems with that as well.... which I'll go over in a future post. That does look like really bad Kung Pao Chicken, doesn't it?

Hi Lynnea - You gotta love the names of some of these dishes!


Omg, I can't believe you guys ate 25 dumplings after eating all that other food! Interesting about the concubines. I knew there were different ranks but I didn't realize they would be served different amounts of food.


That's it? That's ALL you ate in one day for a snack?

That wasn't a very long post, Kirk. I was hoping to read more. LOL.


Hi Kirbie - Yes, all Concubnies were not created equal! ;o) Of course, I'm pretty sure that the allowance were for her entire "court".

Hi Tammy - For you. perhaps not! But there was breakfast before.... and dinner after! ;o)

Christine @ Tea for Two Sisters

I loooved walking through the Forbidden City. Imagine being able to live there for a bit? Such gorgeous gardens and courtyards! I really want to see those rocks smoking though. I say they should have a demonstration.

Christine @ Tea for Two Sisters

Oh and wasn't the Huguosi Snack Bar where Bourdain visited? I can't believe I didn't go in!!!


Hi Christine - Those areas of the Forbidden City were the ones we enjoyed the most. Did Borudain go to Huguosi? Wow, I gotta watch that show and see.....


The concubine allowances are hilarious. Sign me up if I can get 12 Porks...

Also "mian" just means flour/grain. So "miancha" can be more roughly translated as "flour tea" or even "flour soup"...which makes a bit more sense


Hi Pammeh - So you're in the concubine line?


Finally am bookmarks these posts... so much fun to read and follow Jou and the misses on these expeditions. Love the mystery and intrigue in the forbidden city! And all of the interesting food...


Hi FH - Thanks for reading.... I know these posts are rather long!

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