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Monday, 07 June 2010


Eat. Travel. Eat!

This post brings a nice memory of China! Could the mountain veggie be the same veggie I had on my newest blog post (Shanghai Bamboo House, the veggie is called "Ma Lan" in Chinese)?

Those are the most unusual scallion pancakes I have ever seen.


I love how they placed everything in front of you so you could snap a photo of it :) And I am amazed that you take no notes, keep up the great eating!


I know what you mean I can remember all the food I have eaten; when, where, what, but everything else I am oblivious too.


I will not read your blog on an empty stomach. I will not read your blog on an empty stomach. I will not read...well, you get the idea.

*tummy gurgles*


I was at a Chinese wedding banquet where I decided to take photos of the food instead of the people. Everyone at my table was nice enough to wait until I snapped the pictures before digging in to the food. In fact, some of them had to remind me to take the photo. At the time, I thought they were being thoughtful, but now I realize that they just wanted to eat!

Maybe "Chinese Time" is a southern China concept.

Wow - 21 courses! The West Lake Duck looks kind of scrawny.

I'm looking foward to reading about the dumpling banquet in Xian. This must be something that everyone does after seeing the terracotta warriors :-)


impressive and beautiful!


I'm with Rosa. I've got to stop reading your posts in the morning on an empty stomach. This meal looked amazing. So many interesting dishes!


I feel like i have to *burp* after reading your post and seeing he photos :)

Please tell us where we can that fried pork here in SD! Or something close to what you had?!

The scallion pancakes/crepes - was that meant to be eaten alone or wrapped around something? Looks sooo good.

And finally, the Sheng Jian Bao made me weep - looks ridiculously perfect. Your pictures did them justice.

Wonderful post! Thank you! And welcome back!


hi kirk - you have an amazing memory! loved seeing the photos in this post, especially the roast pork (nice skin!)and the pancakes...

instead of notes, sometimes, i take a copy of the restaurant's menu...or look it up online later if i really wanted to know what was in it. usually i ask the waiters.

and man oh man, that sounds like food blogger heaven to be able to take photos without judgemental stares or wierd comments.


Seriously, that's an amazing memory Kirk! And what a first class food blogger service that was.. I've yet to try Durian. I think that pastry would've been a perfect way to ease into it..


I've gotta ask, did you eat rice with any of those dishes? I looked and looked and never saw a rice bowl on the table.


Sorry, I should have read your June 8th post before I asked my question, no rice huh? How odd.


Hi ETE - It could very well be.

Hi Kat - They are amazing foodies in China!

Hi Bill - This was quite a feast.

LOL Rosa!

Hi Sandy - That's a nice story. We don't to Xi'an until a bit later on, so I hope you keep reading till then!

Thanks Lynnea!

Hi Kirbie - You know, it kinda makes me hungry too....

Hi Faye - he-he-he.... There's nothing quite like that pork here in San Diego. Golden City used to have somthing called "Golden City Roast Pork" that was decent but nowhere as good as this:

Elite Restaurant in Monterey Park had something called Macau Roasted Pork that was pretty good as well.

Hi CC - I sometimes save menus as well. Of course that wouldn't have done me much good here! ;o) Hope you're having a great time in Toronto!

Hi Dennis - Elite Restaurant in Monterey Park has a decent Durian Pastry:

So you might want to stop by next time you're in the area.

Hi AZ - No problemo..... this is bread and noodle country. Not too much rice except in porridge.


Oh my gosh, Kirk! That looks amazing. I really want some of that smoked fish right now.
And me not having eaten any breakfast. :-(


Those corn fritters just blew my mind!


Hi Jenne - That fish was very memorable..... maybe the best I've ever had.

Hi Elmo - How'd you like those "sprinkles" on the fritters? ;o)

jeff c

Kirk, again, what a wonderful account of your time in China. Seeing these dishes makes me bemoan the fact that though we currently have many regional Chinese cuisines represented in the SGV and California, we really do not have the higher end "Banquet" style that was so well represented in your account. I wish people in the US could experience this type of cooking, then people really can understand the exquisiteness of the technique and what a truly well trained Chinese chef can do.


Hi Jeffrey - You know, I'm not sure if too many chefs/cooks in those places could pull this off. That said, this was by far the most refined meal of the trip.


I'm still trying to get caught up on your Beijing posts, what a great feast, everything looks so good. Those lovely durian pastries are beautiful too, are they flaky or cakey?


Hi FH - They were more flakey. If you're ever in the SGV, both Elite and Sea Harbour makes durian pastry.

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