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Wednesday, 19 May 2010


ed (from Yuma)

Never been inside a NM. Wow.

Nice to see the restaurant lives up to the rep of the place. Enjoyable post.


Never been in Meiman Markup myself but the service seems impeccable.
Heck I never knew they served food at all.


hi cathy,
it sounds like you got what you paid for. good service, good quality of food.

that is also a store i've never shopped at. can't afford anything there! ha ha.

so now, you can say you are one of the "ladies who lunch" at nieman marcus. :)


Hi, ed. I tried to convey the mood. It's difficult to show the wonderment of all while not being obvious taking photos of the food and then having a glorious lunch.Thanks.

It really is nice, Bill. I realized how many different stores serve food when I started writing at the beginning. Long ago, Broadway and Buffums out here in SD also had wonderful restaurants.

It was excellent, cc. The store is in a class by itself and so is the restaurant. I like being called a lady. Thanks! :)


Hi Cathy. I worked at NM in the 80's. There used to be a mini deli on the left as you walked into the restaurant. We sold sandwiches and salads.
Popover? Where is the famous "Monkey Bread?" That was their trademark for years. BTW, if you do a web search you can find a recipe for that cookie.

Hannah j

That cookie story was so funny, thanks for sharing!


Very cool you used to work here, Stephen. I seem to have been stalking your parts of town this past month. The mini-deli area has been filled in with more tables. The monkey bread has been gone for at least two years, but the popovers make me think I am eating 'healthy', even with the strawberry butter. I tend to not ask for more, since it flakes all over.
Hi Hannah j! I try.


Wow, that looks incredible, I think it would change my fashion valley experience much for the better, I must give it a try next time! Thanks for sharing!

It makes me wish my mum lived closer, it seems like a classic mother daughter thing to do!


There are more women than men dining here, jenny. The food and service is going to appeal to everyone. I think it is the classiest place to eat in the whole Mission Valley area.

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