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Saturday, 29 May 2010



what a journey! can't wait to hear/see more.


Love the tube of gochujang, and of course that photo of sheng jian bao! My tongue and lips feel scorched just looking at it..


Hooray! You're back! Can't wait to see the photos from this trip.

Eat. Travel. Eat!

Agree about the TP and everything!. Always great to have a roll of TP when in a more rural/less developed area or when you are outside all day. Toilets in China rarely have TP unless you are in a high end establishment e.g. a 4-5 star hotel. Beijing's airport is quite nice, but probably Terminal 3 is the one to be in! I haven't visited that terminal yet.


that's a lot of mileage.


The Mister and I have talked about making a similar trip but I just don't know if I can handle it. Can't wait for to read about the rest of the trip.


Welcome back Kirk! I guessed your destination correctly. I would be very intimidated with your trip not knowing how to read or speak Chinese languages- I can imagine being in the airport looking on that board for my flight! I am sure we are in for some awesome food stories but I enjoy the other bits also. It made me chuckle to think that the squatting woman was texting that man who is right beside her -perhaps her husband? LOL


Hi Kat - I hope you enjoy our posts!

Hi Dennis - There's a bit of a funny story about those SJB.

Hi Natalie - I hope I'm able to do justice to our trip.

Hi ETE - We usually take one roll on our trips....but this was a two-roll trip!

Hi RONW - It sure was!

Hi Carol - I think you'd have a blast.

Hi Chris - The airports are pretty easy. The bus stations less so. I saw a bunch of somewhat funny (at least to me) stuff on this trip.


I'm Yahooing my way through your narrative, looking at maps of China, looking up foods on Wikipedia, josh it's all good! Those of us who never travel abroad live vicariously through you, I’m spellbound!

KEA flyer

I flew KoreanAir for the first time about 2 weeks