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Thursday, 27 May 2010



We were all wondering, "Where in the world is Kirk San Diego?" ;)


Welcome back!


I recognize the Poke and Peking duck but I got help from Cathy.. ;)
Welcome back Kirk!


Welcome back! The photos are definitely inspiring me to get out of the house tonight and feast :)


Looks awesome Kirk. Welcome back!


welcome back! i enjoyed cathy's and ed's posts while you were gone, but i look forward to your holiday posts!


Welcome back! How did you manage to lose so much weight while feasting? Amazing.

Yet another Pam

Wow! What an amazing spread of food. Looks to me like Peking Duck, Shanghai seafood, Hunan pork belly, West Lake dishes, and Sichuan hot pot & mapo dofu. That white soupy dish, though, is that some sort of hot savory soy milk porridge? Wow.

Glad you had a great trip!


LOL Jan! ;o)

Thanks Bill!

Hi Dennis - You're right on both counts.....

Hi Linda - Well then..... get out there and start feasting!

Hey Jack - It's good to be home.....

Hi Santos - We had a great time......

Hi Kirbie - We walked alot.... I mean a lot..... 10-15 km on some days. I also went easy on the starch.....

Hi Pam - Welcome, and thanks for taking the time out to comment. You got 3 out 5, pretty good. The white soupy dish is mutton hot pot, the broth is made from mutton bone.


Welcome back Kirk! So you guys did China (and HI), awesome! Dang, if I could just read Chinese, I'm sure I'd have better luck at guessing all the cities. I don't know most of the places but my guess (at least I'll get the 1st and 2nd right!): Honolulu, Beijing, Xian, Hangzhou, Guilan, Shandong (baotuquan?), Sizhuan, Pingyao, Duhuang (?). That's all I gotz.


Well, the first is Hawaii!!! :D

But the rest all look like China. I'm not very familiar with China so all I can gleen at first glance is Beijing and Sizhuan.

Welcome back! Can't wait to see all the pictures and hear about the food...and PANDAS!!!


Hey Carol - I wuz kinda looking for cities.... Sichuan and Shandong, are correct provinces, but which cities? You got about 50%.

Hi Rosa - Where in Hawaii? ;o) Those Pandas are cute, aren't they? We had a great time, but it's good to be home.


2. Beijing
3. Qingdao
4. Jinan
5. Is that dong po rou from Hangzhou?
6. Suzhou? My that sauce is red.
8. Xian
9. Chengdu
10. I am stumped on this one, somewhere towards the west?

Looks like a delicious trip and has brought back some fond memories of eating in China. I particularly enjoyed the food in Xian and would love to make it to Sichuan at some point.


Hey SK - Great job! No guess on #7? I don't expect anyone to get #10 right..... I sure wouldn't have before our trip.


you went to hawaii :) fun!

and china, macao?, did you also go to the expo?

can't wait to hear more about everything :)


Welcome back! I'm looking forward to your posts on the trip.

Is #7 Nanjing? (Nanking?)

All that poke in Honolulu looks so yummy.


Welcome back! In addition to poke, I hope you had malasadas while you were in Hawaii (in addition to mac salad from Rainbow's, BBQ chicken at Yummy's, a burger at Kua Aina, the five spice chicken at Kaka'ako Kitchen, cold ginger chicken from Hee Hing)...I could go on forever!


Hi Kat - Didn't make it to the World Expo.... and I think it would've been a bit too much for me. No Macao either.... but I did have a blast.

Hi Sandy - Yes, #7 is Nanjing.

Hi James - LOL! It would have taken longer than I had to eat all that.... though I'm not a fan of Rainbow's Mac Salad, and prefer Gina's to Yummy's. W&M is my burger of choice (though I've heard that Teddy's is far better than Kua Aina or W&M), and I'm not a fan of Kaka'ako Kitchen.... love the cold ginger chicken from Hee Hing though..... I think I could go on eating forever in HNL as well! ;o)


hi kirk! welcome back!!!!! can't wait to read your posts. i liked your photo teasers too. how'd you manage to lose weight after eating all that good food??? :)


Long live xiu long bao n poke. Wellcome BACK!!!!

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