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Sunday, 30 May 2010



glad you got to re-connect with some old favorites.


I didn't know there could be so many different poke! I agree with Kat, it's so great reconnecting with old favorites.


mmm, what I would do for some good poke and manapua right now! I agree with the Missus that good old regular poke is best. I usually get with da limu too.

Rosa I wonder if I should go to Oahu for our next Hawaii trip just for poke... Husband does want to scope out other islands.

Little Miss Contrary

Wow, I can't believe all the place you traveled to on one trip! Mr. Tall and I were just in Waikiki a month ago, and loved every minute of our time there. Hawaiian food is amazing, and it's depressing that there is really no decent Hawaiian restaurant in San Diego :(


Always enjoyed Ono Seafood (not to be confused with Ono Hawaiian Food. 747 Kapahulu by the Shell Station.


yeah, Kapolei/Eva all wall-to-wall houses, today. Unrecognizable.


Hi Kat - You're so right.

Hi Dennis - Most places have counters devoted to Poke.... you won't be short of variety!

Hi Sara - Actually, it was the Missus who wanted to try all of the "newish" stuff. I'm all for the tried and true, and I think She now feels the same way as well.

Hi Rosa - You won't be short of Poke in Hawaii, that's one thing for sure.

Hi LMCC - You're right in that there is no real good Hawaiian Food.... I'm not talking plate lunch in San Diego. I haven't been overly impressed with the stuff in LA either.

Hi PedMa - I've been told about that place. I worked almost right across the street for many years. On this trip, I just tried to hit as many of my former haunts as possible.

Hi RONW - Man does the area look totally different now!


I'm caught up. Yum!


I didn't know there were so many poke offerings! I want to go to Hawaii now. It's funny, just yesterday during lunch I noticed Boyfriend was wearing this Hawaii shirt we got from our trip a few years ago. And it is really faded. I told him we needed to go to Hawaii now so he can get a new shirt. Now I really want to go back after reading your post.


Hi Bill - I'm glad you managed to catch up! Thanks, as always for reading.

Hi Kirbie - Sounds like it's time to replace that Aloha Shirt! If you'd like a huge variety of Poke; try Alicia's Market!


Oldies but goodies! It's unfortunate that "pork hash" wasn't as good as remembered, but that's always reason to try again next time. Glad the missus found a place for that morning swim :) Now I need to try some dried poke, but have no idea where to find any. Great post

Mel Tanioka

Thank you so much for your
comments which always means
so much to all of our hard
working employees. Please stop
by again on your next trip to
beautiful Hawaii and we'll make
a special poke for you!!!
Let us know ahead and hopefully
we can make it 5 out of 5!!!

Mel Tanioka

btw, did you get a chance
to see Sam Choy's new POKE
book, in my opinion, it's
the best ever!!!


Hi Linda - We did end up going with the oldies, but goodies on this trip!

Hi Mel - Thanks for dropping by and commenting! Tanioka's sure has grown since the last time I visited. A sure sign you've been creating some good stuff. We'll definitely be back, especially for that dry poke, which was delicious! And yes, Sam Choy's new Poke book is on the way...... I saw it when I dropped by Border's in Waikele! Thanks again for dropping by and taking the time out to comment.


Fred & I are off to Waikiki in a week and a half for a family wedding. I get to try Poke for the first time... judging from these pictures, I can't wait :D Hopefully we'll find some good stuff.



awww man. When were you in town? Glad you enjoyed your short stay in the islands, but we must get together next time. We missed each other last year when I was in LA too. Third time = charm? I hope so.

Am writing this from a hotel in Taipei. When I saw the link to your blog post on China on Twitter last night, I thought we were in the same part of the world at the same time!!!

Keep in touch. Hope we get to meet up soon!


Hi Natalie - I hope you both hae a great time.... and try to get out and explore. You can find Poke in a good number of places.

Hi Reid - Sigh...... I felt so bad that I didn't have time to get in touch and grab a bite. I promise, next time ok? So I hope the third time is a charm. I hope you're having a great time in Taiwan!


wow, all that poke fun! when you have such a limited amount of time, you first have to indulge the specific cravings... looks like a great start to your trip! My aunt used to bring back those pork buns when we were kids.


Hi FH - Yeah, Char Hung Sut or Libby's is real old-time Omiyage stuff. We'd always have boxes of it for relatives and friends on the neighbor islands.


We're a Navy family that was stationed at Pearl Harbor. My husband found poke and loves it; but I was all about Char Hung Sut. My friend and I literally stumbled into it and like your Missus, thought we were in the kitchen/workroom of a restaurant. Love the menu on the back wall and the "Hawaiian-Chinese" names for dim sum that we knew from the mainland. When my mom visted us, she took home dozens of manapua.

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