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Monday, 24 May 2010




I just wanted to say you have absolutely ROCKED it while Kirk has been gone. You have posted nearly everyday and all pretty yummy stuff if you ask me. You've done Kirk proud and I love hoping on each morning to check out "What Kathy Eats." So thank you for blogging while Kirk is gone.

Oh and "P.S." I have mastered your London Broil recipe finally and it has turned out great several times now.


Thanks, Derek. Kirk is almost back, but not quite. ed (from Yuma) and I got to do some fun posts which I hope were informative as well as keeping your interest while everyone was (still) waiting to see Kirk's 2010 vacation adventures.
I'm glad you figured the London Broil. The only way you can learn anything is to practice over and over(a second set of eyes helps, too).


I agree with Derek. Well, not about the London Broil, haha! Great story about how you found mmm-yoso. I can't remember exactly what I was looking for but a google search is how I found you guys too. I think I lurked for awhile before posting. I haven't been to Nijiya in a while and never had lunch there. I'll check out the grab and go next time I'm there.

Judy @ TinkerWithFood

oh how i miss nijiya!!!


lol - how did I find Mmmmm-Yoso? I don't remember saying and honestly don't remember how I found it... though it was probably google like you said.

I've been following for probably close to three years now though I've only posted maybe 6-12 times. Cathy helped me get down the London Broil probably a year + ago.


Hi Cathy enjoyed all your posts too! Great job. Hope we can grab lunch together soon!


Hi, Cathy.
Thanks for the post. We got one in Honolulu over a year ago. I didn't realize it was a chain. I've heard good things but have yet to check it out.
Got to meet Kirk and the Missus when they were here, and he even cooked for us! They are so nice, and it was so much fun talking about food. =P
I'll have to check out your London broil.


Nijiya is a great store, Carol. I thought it was so cool back in 05 when I saw almost everything being sold there was organic. The grab and go section is awesome. Get there early on a weekend (before noon)for the fresh chicken and squid karage: a decadent snack.
There is one in SF, on Post Street, Judy. I suppose you aren't always in that area of town, but when you are...
Google is our friend, isn't it, Derek? So glad my London Broil hints helped. Making a cheap piece of meat tender and tasty is part of being a good cook.(I see I posted that recipe in August 08; seems like yesterday)
Yes, Dennis. I'll be hungry.
You'll love Nijiya, Melissa. So glad you got to experience Kirk and The Missus in person. They are fun, aren't they?

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