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Thursday, 20 May 2010



Oh man talk about food porn.
The soup looks awesome reminds me of all the good food I've consume while traveling Mexico.


Wow, all the dishes look so good. Those fish tacos made me want to lick my screen.


Love the pictures! The food looks delicious and your descriptions are making my mouth water! LOL I'm certain that if they continue preparing their dishes this way, they will do well.


Man, your posts always have a way of making me extremely hungry, even after a large breakfast.

ed (from Yuma)

Thanks for the nice comments. The restaurant seems to be doing well, Jessica, which shows that good food sometimes wins. I appreciate the comments from all of you about the pics. 5 years ago when Kirk first talked me into taking food photos, I was terrible at it. Now, if given enough light, I am better. Glad you guys liked this set.


The Lenten dishes look great. It always seems that when squash or chayote is used in Mexican cooking, the cooks are able to strike a perfect balance of flavor and texture, that adds a richness to the plate.


Dang! I wish I lived in Yuma! The menudo looks wonderful, I hate it when I get a bowl of menudo and there is a grease slick on top, someone in the kitchen spends a lot of time skimming their soups, just like I do at home.

ed (from Yuma)

The lenten dishes were good, mindless, but the odd thing is that I didn't think about chile rellenos as particularly lenten until someone mentioned it to me this year.

And yeh, AZ, the menudo wasn't greasy at all. The folks that run the restaurant told me that they steamed the beef in the old school green chile to extract the fat before assembling the soup. So they are aware of greasiness issues.

Myself, I usually prepare stock ahead, refrigerate it, and lift the congealed fat off in sheets. I find that easier than skimming.

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