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Tuesday, 04 May 2010



hi cathy
i'm glad you posted on this. i saw that place a few months ago and wanted to try it. the chamorrow place here in chula vista (yokoz) sux ever since it changed ownership.

i'd like to try that kadun pika and the garlic shrimpwith the crab fat - both sound good to me.

btw - achiote is "annatto" in english and "atsuete" in tagalog. maybe 'achoete' is the chamorro way of spelling it?

there is another chamorro place called 'islander grill' located on park blvd (near the greek church) inside the Embassy Hotel. they're pretty good but the service is very island style (slow).


oops! spelled chamorro wrong!!!!!

i is a college graduate.

ha ha


Oh crab fat!!! Actually everything looks really good. A friend of mine mentioned this place (I think it's this place) and she said it was really good.


Mission Gorge Road leads right into Santee, CC, and before the 52 was put in, we'd drive it daily. I saw Yokoz earlier this year and planned to do a post on it. Kirk did a post on Islander Grill in 2007. Its OK if we spell phonetically. Sometimes.
Probably is the place, Carol, nothing else even close in this part of town. Just started being open on Sunday, if you have time on the weekend...


Where can I get some of that crab fat???


hi cathy - yokoz used to be yokozuna's which started back in 98 (or 99). they were pretty good back then. there are diff't owners now and they really skimp on the quality and quantity of the food. i blogged it a while back and same with islander grill (used the coupons in the entertainment value books - helps out).


John, I am pretty sure I have seen it at 99Ranch as well as some smaller Markets in National City. I haven't been shopping since we went to eat at Chamorro Grill. I know it is jarred and on the regular (not refrigerated) shelves. Thanks for stopping by to comment.
CC- I remember it was something else, and used to shop at the Henry's in that mall, thinking I would stop and try it, but never did. I used to use the Entertainment Books regularly. It helped me feel better I did not pay full price for sucky meals. There are quite a few interesting places to eat in that part of town.


What an interesting place glad it was a hit with you. I sure learned something today about Guamanian I didn't have the slightest clue.


Is it actually called "crab fat" on the label? Or is there a special name?


It seems to be a cross of Filipino and Hawaiian, Bill. Kirk explained it on his Islander Grill post in 2007. It is good food in any case.

Hi JF. I sent you a google.images link that has photos of some jars. Most seem to be Filipino. Yes. It either says "Crab Fat" or "Crab Paste".


hi cathy
yes, having coupons kind of makes me feel better for not paying full price in case the meals are bad. in the case of islander grill on park blvd, it was great and a great bargain.

by the way, as a Filipina American, i jus want to point out that the word Filipino should only have one 'p'. :)


So sorry, CC. I should know better! I just corrected my spellcheck on comments...I will never forget forever.


Hi Cathy, I've been to Guam once but was too young to remember much what we ate.. This place looks pretty good!


It is very good Dennis. All the places that last around Kaiser Hospital seem to be good, or go out of business fast.

Wandering Chopsticks

You always find the coolest places. I want to try chicken kelaguen. Or rather, every time Guamanian food comes up, that's the dish everyone always talks about.


Thanks, WC. Yes everyone seems to like kelaguen. I've had it three times and it didn't send me, so I try different things hoping to find one I crave. I like everything and don't dislike any of the food items I have had. It's the whole "send me" factor I haven't found.

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