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Monday, 03 May 2010



You are too nice I would have to eat the left over if my wife had her way ;-).
Never had anchovies on my pizza before but I might give it a shot if I have a pie at a really pizza joint.


We've been married for an ocean of time, Bill. The Mister knows I will not touch his sardines (which he eats directly from the can, adding salt) and I know he won't touch my anchovies. It's a give and take, as well as picking battles. I really like the salty component that anchovies add to the cheese... ;)


Of all the Filippi's I've been to, this one is my favorite. I love anchovies but I've never had them on pizza. I'll have to try that.


ahhh that sausage and mushroom pizza looks so delicious! I love the old school feel of the place.


Wow I didn't know Filippi's had 12 locations! Only been to the one here. I love anchovies!


My family used to go all the time. I remember walking through the market and smelling the dried cod. I haven't been there in a long time. I haven't been to Little Italy in a long time. I think they have a location in Escondido. It was not good. Thanks for the reminder


This Filippi's makes me feel like I am in Italy, Carol- the smells (and I do mean the dried cod in the market, as well as the baking)and the more rustic/not fancy feeling at the tables.

I didn't show a cross section of the pie, FH, but it is a thin crust bottom with the thicker sides. More of a Boston style of pizza...and the pure flavor of the sausage and fresh mushrooms just makes it perfect...

I have been to every location except Napa, Temecula and Jamul, Dennis. Yet everything always tastes good here. Yay for anchovies!

Well. This month there are a lot of activities going on in Little Italy, Stephen. It is going to be crowded. Plus Festa in Point Loma. I wanted to get to that area of town now before it is crazy busy. I like seeing it be 'normal'...


It's interesting how much better the Little Italy quality is than the other locations. There's something about the sauce there that really takes me back to my childhood.


Supposedly all locations are family owned, JF, and the ingredients and recipes should be the same, but there is definitely a freshness difference. The sauce is just a good, fresh, basic pure flavored one. Like mom did. No crazy flavored/roasted tomatoes, no added garlic, no exotic ingredients.

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