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Wednesday, 12 May 2010



I would say the breakfasts at Corner Bakery are more substantial than Paneras. I like the scrambles at Corner Bakery; since you like breakfast, you'll have to stop in soon some morning.


I would actually highly recommend their chicken pomodori panini - I've been eating them for years and they are the best. The breakfasts are also very tasty, I agree with Sandy.


IMO I think the sandwich with just mozzarella cheese, sweet basil, and roast red peppers with some drizzle of olive oil is yummy.


Thanks, Sandy. I've basically always done breakfast only at Panera (3 lunches total)and now only dinners here. The bowls -and croissant- description at CBC sound really good. I wasn't as impressed with the coffee, though...
Oooh, I just looked at the menu. That sounds really good, Loren. I will go for breakfast. Soon.
You've been here too, Bill? Yes, I considered that Caprese sandwich one Friday, but chose the salad trio instead. Next time...


I second Loren above that the Chicken Pomodori is really really good and that's also what I always order for years. The chips are good too, one of the best I've had.

The chicken apple salad here is much better than the similar one at Panera Bread. I ordered it at Panera Bread couple months ago and disliked the cheese they used so much even though the dried fuji apple was done nicely.


I actually ate at that chain alot when I was a student at UC Irvine before the place moved to San Diego (which made me very happy). Heck when I'd return to Irvine prior to it opening here in SD I actually ate there almost every time - had to get my Pomodori fix in lol. Their club panini is also very good too - meaty but not packed.

And if they have the Cinnamon Creme Cake, try a slice of that. Very tasty and moist coffee cake. Never tried the Whoopie Pie, might have to now though.


Thanks for the post Cathy. Another place to discover right in my own backyard. It looks good. Have to give it a try


Hi, Jess. I agree with you about the chicken apple salad comparison. The chips are very good; something I forgot to mention. I know which sandwiches to try next time.
So nice to know about other items here, Loren. I am glad I chose CBC that day.
You're welcome, Stephen. It's new to me, but has been at that location a while. I just don't go to malls or shop. At all.


There's one near my house that I tried. The tomato basil soup was great but the chicken pesto sandwich I had was just okay. I liked their breads though and need to go back to try out more things. I didn't know they did pasta!


It's really good and the variety is enough to please anyone coming here for a snack or meal, Rosa.


The one thing I don't like about Corner Bakery is that their menu changes quite regularly. Normally this is a good thing, but once you develop a favorite, it's gone. Their tuna salad sandwich used to come on olive ciabatta, and was delicious (especially ordered with avocado), but it doesn't seem like olive ciabatta is on the menu anymore (it's been a year or so since I've been there), which is a shame. Also, they used to have a caesar potato salad (no-mayo, very light), but that lasted only a few months or so.

All in all, even with the change, I've never had anything bad at Corner Bakery Cafe.


Probably business or seasonal decisions...pencil pushers you know, h. I agree, everything here is pretty darn good. I would have liked to try the olive ciabatta...

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