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Tuesday, 18 May 2010



I'm surprised they cooked the patty that rare. It's uncommon these days (I almost said rare, hehe).


hi cathy
sadly, i have never eaten at boll weevil, although i've been meaning to.

there's still one down near IB in the Southland Plaza strip mall (off the 5 South and Palm)


Ahahaha, rare...Oh Carol...I do order rare. When someone counters with "medium?", I'll say "medium rare" and if they say "medium?" again, I tell them "When it is on the grill and you think it is going to be medium, take it off about a minute before that happens". It seems to work for me. Then again, I have breasts.

It is just a good burger, cc. When we moved out here (an ocean of time ago), the Boll Weevil we went to was located where Rose Toyota is located now. It was a rainy day and the burger was just perfect...with the pool table, bar smells, cigarettes...


I'm in love with the burger. Medium rare or just warm in the middle is all I ask for...


The service at my last visit to this Boll Weevil was slow, and the food was just ok. These two factors haven't made me eager to return.

BTW, the link to Kirk's visit goes to one of your previous posts about Niban.


We are of the same mind,Bill.

I just fixed the link, Sandy; I must be getting tired. Sorry it wasn't good for you. I have heard the food isn't great from some people, yet have never had a bad burger or experience at any of the various locations or incarnations. I do understand what you are saying though. Those are reasons I don't go back to a lot of places.


i've seen boll weevils around, but the name just does not sound appealing to me...makes me think of bugs. i didn't even know it was a burger joint until i read one of your posts a while back. i thought it was some kind of exterminator joint haha.


It's been around San Diego a long while and is a spin off of what was a larger, fancier place (Cottom Patch)on Midway Drive in the 60's, Sawyer. I guess their logic was to show it was kind of related to the cotton patch...but yeah. A bug. Which destroys cotton. Maybe back then people thought it was cute... In any case, a simple burger that I crave.


When I lived in San Diego, Boll Weevil was my favorite place to eat. Now I live in Oldsmar, FL and wish there was a Boll Weevil on Curlew Road.


Hi Sheri, thanks for finding our blog and taking time to comment. I think Boll Weevil would be one of the places missed if we moved away, too. There's one close to home that we go to regularly.

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