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Monday, 12 April 2010



Haha, the Mister always rolls his eyes whenever I put ketchup on my dogs. Gotta have ketchup, relish and mustard for me!


So, funny. Matthew hates ketchup too and always insists that I'm wrong to eat it on fries and hot dogs =)


Looks good. Ketchup on a hot dog? Sacrilege! I hope it was at least Heinz. I may have to make a trip. That's like putting lettuce and tomatoes on a chili burger.


the Missus...too funny!

the CCF and PS were huge!


I so remember your early Woodies post Kirk! Didn't know it changed hands yet again. In the past I thought they took way too long to serve the dogs. Has it gotten any quicker? Cheers


so funny, i was just reading your last post (yummy looking pancakes, btw) and thinking "so nice to be missus--gets to pick what she wants to eat and voila!" :D

we need to invent some sort of rolling/portable condiment cart; most times i go to a restaurant i think my dish would go better with something i have at home, and the kitchen doesn't have on hand.


oh, and the reason that tommy's in la tastes so good is because they haven't cleaned the grill since the 1940s ;)


I don't know. Confronted with all the abuse of quotes and apostrophes on that menu i think i would just scream and leave.

I will admit that i am also a ketchup -on-a-hot-dog kinda guy.


Hi Carol - I'm rolling my eyes too! ;o)

Well Lynnea - Matthew's partially right..... I do like ketchup on my fires! ;o)

Hi Stephen - Now you got me wondering what kind of ketchup they use.... it's out on plastic squeeze bottles.

Hi Kat - It was quite a bit of food....and I needed a shower after eating it...

Hi Dennis - Nah..... same amount of time.

Aaah Santos - You must be right.... a well seasoned grill.... or maybe an uncleaned grill! he-he-he..... I would have enjoyed some deli mustard this time around, I'm thinking a portable fridge in the car.

Hi Dave - I think I saw you.... you were the guy who read the menu and ran screaming pulling his hair out? LOL!


LOL... I let the wife decide because if she is happy you'll surely be happier. Supposedly
On a very good hot dog no ketchup but on a cheapie one anything goes.


Hahaha, you and the Missus sound like me and the Husband.
Me: "You pick..."
Husband: "Okay, how about X?"
Me: "Nooo..."
repeat x eleven
Me: "I want Y."
Husband: "GAAAAAAAAAAAH! Why didn't you just say so?"
Me: "Cuz you were supposed to pick!"

What's wrong with ketchup on hot dogs? But it has to be deli mustard. Regular mustard just doesn't really cut it for me anymore.


Heehee. Your story is so funny! Hmm, now I want a hot dog and chili cheese fries. It's been quite a while.


Ah, Woodie. it's a good place for a quickie and you are right, the food is better after the change in management. Though, the chili is skill only okay...still way better than Tommy's.

Have you tried the Chicago on a Bun that's at the old Windy City Beef spot off Navajo and 125? It's quite good, though, not as tasty as the WCB.


So true Billy, so true....

Hi Rosa - Let me just say; I feel your Husband's pain...... And regular mustard just doesn;t cut the mustard anymore, huh?

Hi Kirbie - I'm glad you enjoyed the story!

Hi Didi - LOL.... oh my. You used Woodie and quickie in the same sentence! ;o) I have'nt tried that location of Chicago on a Bun, only the UTC location. It's on my ever growing list, though.


I buy the smallest bottle of ketchup they sell, and I still have to throw out half a bottle when it reaches its expiration date, that's because I don't use ketchup on anything but hot dogs!


Hi AZ - Then you must not eat too many hot dogs either! ;o)


My boyfriend puts ketchup on everything. Ugh. We had some pretty good angus hot dogs as the new Smashburger in La Jolla, though I must say I don't think I've ever wanted to go out for hot dogs before. I've never even been to Wienerschnitzel.


LOL Mary...... We rarely ever rave hot dogs, so this was a bit different.

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