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Wednesday, 28 April 2010



Not sure when you took the inside photo, but they stopped carrying Boar's Head deli meats.

Love having them re-opened as it is 2 minutes from my house and saves me a bunch on groceries as well as provides a great inexpensive take out lunch from the deli counter. They have been very nice about letting us taste the different fetas and my wife really likes the dolmas.


You got me, James. I probably took that Steam Tray photo in late February or early March. I try not to have people in any photographs and at the time of that photo, the trays weren't even filled, so I know it was taken early on a Sunday...
It is great that Vine Ripe has re-opened. Especially the in store bakery.


Yes. I love the Harissa there.

Eat. Travel. Eat!

This looks so much better than the Vine Ripe/Dogwoods that I have in my area. Much cleaner, and much bigger too. My location doesn't offer that much in hot food but there is plenty of other things- usually not ultra fresh but always very cheap!


Wow! What a change. Last time I was there, maybe two years ago, it was dismal and a jumble. Have to go check it out.
Thanks for the post.


We're vegan and really enjoy their dolmahs and the vegetarian soup (very hearty, a meal in itself). Service is usually very good, but beware that in the colder months, there is very little inside seating and the restaurant is darn cold....


The spice selection is wonderous here, James.

So sorry for you ETE, just a similar name. If you want someplace just as good/better closer to where you are living, try -Only two locations now, Irvine and Anaheim Hills, but wonderous!
You're welcome, Stephen, the "old" Vine Ripe went way downhill. This version is great.

Hi Ken. We do eat vegetarian at least one day a week (raised Catholic, so just in case) but with Vine Ripe's selections in the restaurant as well as the groceries, it's easy. Since it only reopened in January combined with the odd weather of this year, it seems they hadn't planned on such cold weather...


I just went here for the first time a few weeks ago after someone highly recommended it. From the moment we walked in it was a total disappointment. The place was clean and has a large selection of prepared foods and produce, but nothing that WOWed me. The thing that made me mad was how RUDE everyone was that worked there and even shopped there. I'm no faint of heart, but I was yelled at since the cashier couldn't ring up the price of the ice cream. It's not like bulk food where I should have written it down, that's their own fault. Also, my friend was yelled at since she had an item from the bakery and supposedly she was to pay that at that section. No one said anything to any of us. Also the lady behind the deli counter was immensely rude and ignored my friend when she only had a question. The whole thing left us not wanting to return when I have North Park down the street.


Interesting, CJ, since the cash registers scan the items and there is no cash register in the bakery section. I've always encountered very friendly people working and shopping here. Welcome to our blog.

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