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Saturday, 10 April 2010



Love Alexis because it's dirt cheap and you always know exactly what you're gonna get.

Too bad about the pho place and the banh mi place. Matthew and I have watched their opening with skepticism and still haven't even tried going to either of them.


ha ha kirk - i actually posted a photo of 'kiki sushi' awhile ago myself. did you know that 'KIKI' is a Filipino slang term for the vadge? other variations include 'keke' and 'pookie', the latter which is also the nickname of garfield's teddy bear.

i find the name of that restaurant a bit amusing. O _ o


Hi Kirk, I realized it's been forever since I walked around Hillcrest.. Is that Pho place near where Tofu House used to be?


Hi Kirk. Thanks for the post. I hope Perry's is cleaner and fresher looking when it reopens. It was looking down at heels about 2 years ago when I was there. I love Alexis. Good food, good prices, and he's always happy to see you. I haven't tried Kiki, but Ichiban further down University is decent and well priced. Cali Cafe doesn't sound ready yet, like you said. 3 weeks, and they haven't figured out the bread. Sounds dicey to me.

Masa Assassin

Kinky sushi too funny. Love the photo I get 1 week free tanning with my sushi. I'm with you why open a sandwich shop when you don't have your the bread dialed in, that would be like opening a taco joint with no tortillas :P


Hi Lynnea - Yeah, Alexis is consistent, and you get what you pay for.

Hi CC - I think I remember that!

Hi Dennis - I think it's the same spot.

Hi Stephen - I'm not a big fan of Ichiban.... it's a bit too Americanized-Teriyaki for me. But many folks I know love the place. From what I heard, the dining area sustained only some smoke damage.... so I'm thinking it's going to be pretty much the same looking....

Hi MA - I agree...... I would think that you'd have your bread ready by the time you open....


Pho restaurants are popping up everywhere - like daisies! Banh mi places, too.

For awhile, we assumed "kiki" was Kinko's. Guess we weren't looking at the sign too carefully.


Like daisy's Sandy.... we did have an especially rainy year this year! ;o)


Hi Kirk--
I took a walk around Hillcrest and noticed that Pho on Fifth is now open. Cali Deli still looks dead empty.


Hi Darlene - That's great, hopefully, I'll be able to check them out before it gets too hot. What can I say about Cali Deli.... it's Cali Deli, not Cali Coffee Shop.


I went to Cali Deli for lunch last week and I was surprised how good their sandwich was. Pretty tasty treats! It's different than what I'm used to but I like it better. The bread wasn't hard like what I expected. It was crispy and hot. They were busy during lunch and it seems like they are getting busier now that they are selling sandwiches.

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