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Sunday, 18 April 2010



Geez, what is with people these days? Whatever happened to manners? A waiter who ignores your request doesn't deserve a tip. If the service is bad, not only do I not leave a tip, I also speak to the manager.


how I want a Counter burger and to try the fried dill chips...your bentos look delicious!


Wow a bento by Kirk, I'd like to try that! :)

ed (from Yuma)

Those bentos look good. Nice pic. Glad that went well.


I am not a pickle fan but I'll eat it on occasion. However, Husband HATES pickles. His sister used to chase him around with a jar of pickles in hand when they were kids. I don't know...

I ate at the Counter in El Segundo this past weekend and had their BLT. Mmmm...bacon-y goodness. Their cheddar fries are awesome, too.


Hi Stephen - LHK has a kind of bad habit when it comes to doing stuff like that.

Hi Kat - I really enjoy the burgers at the Counter.

Hi Dennis - It was no big deal, really. Folks did enjoy my chicken wings!

Hi Ed - It went pretty well.... and folks enjoyed the food, especially after a couple of rounds of sake.

Hi Rosa - LOL! Post pickle jar trauma..... I don't mind dills, but am not a fan of sweet pickles.


Read my lips I want my d@mn bowl of sate noodles! LOL I swear...
Love the bento shot.


Too bad. I was planning to get the sate noodle soup at that place after your last post. I probably still will. It is buried in the menu: S13 ($6.25). Sounds to me like they not only wanted to get rid of you, buit all of their excess seafood too.


Hi Bill - Unfortunately, since I was pretty busy, that's one of the only shot's I got.

Hi Jan - So it is on the menu..... I don't think I'll be going back for a while, though.


Hi Kirk, yeah I've crossed LHK off my list after several disappointing visits. It's gotten steadily worse as time has gone on.

On a side note, I went to Yakyudori Ramen and Yakitori the other day and they commented they should be getting their liquor license in a month, which means the yakitori should start. The spicy shio ramen with extra noodles was still pretty darn good, and adding the extra noodles was well worth the $1.50.


so sweet of you to help with the fund raiser and, from the picture, looks like you were serving up beautiful bentos.


Hi Jason - I just don't know why they have such lousy service at LHK. As for the Yakyudori, it's good to know they've got the salt for the Shio Ramen again.

Hi Lynnea - Actually, I was flattered.... can you imagine someone actually cooking for the public...yikes!


Kirk, great meeting you the other night at Sandwich Emporium! Have a great trip!


Thanks Ryan. I really enjoyed chatting with you.... man, those chicken wings went out like nothin'!

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