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Friday, 30 April 2010



I haven't tried the pastries here, but I can vouch for their lunch items. Yummy stuff!

ed (from Yuma)

Looks good. Can't wait for the follow-up.


their macaroons are to die for. great service, too.


Try an almond croissant, JanFred. Really.

So much research needs to be done for these posts, as you know, ed ;) It really is good here.

12 macarons for $12...and a few days of happiness, sacks. Welcome to our blog.


hi cathy
i haven't been here yet. it's so far! i remember when they were still located downtown. loved their macarons. will have to make the trip up next time....

Hannah j

This looks so awesome!! Thanks for sharing!! Hope its not too far north *checks directions*

Hannah j

What the-!! It's only 10 minutes from school!! This is a curse and a blessing!!


Hi, cc! If you are driving North anyhow, the 805 would be the road you are on...The macarons are wonderous, though never on sale. Other pastries half off on Saturday afternoons...

Hello and welcome to our blog, Hannah j. This is located in an office park and so is busiest during weekday lunch hours. But you know, today is Saturday. ;)


hi cathy
thanks - good to know about the half off pastries!

Hannah j

Hehe, thanks Cathy. I've actually been following the blog for a few years, but don't post too often ^_^


That breakfast looks so scrumptious! And I don't normally like breakfast!

ruby wong

This place has been on my to try list for ages. Thanks for reminding me. I heard the turkey swiss crepe is wonderful here too.


Yes, CC. Saturday only though...
Hi Hannah. I see you have commented to Kirk's posts. Sorry I hadn't much resonsibility when someone is on vacation! Welcome back anyhow...:)
Hi Su-Lin. I think I do more posts about breakfasts and soup. Comforting meals for me...
Yes, that turkey crepe is wonderful, ruby. Actually, I haven't had anything here which wasn't really good and prepared perfectly. Just come by when it isn't lunchy-lunchtime, so you don't feel crowded. Welcome to our blog.


Half off Saturday afternoons?? I didn't know that. I'll have to keep that in mind.


Since it is closed on Sunday,Carol, it makes sense. Macarons are never on sale though... :(

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