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Thursday, 22 April 2010


Green Turtle

I like this taco shop too, with their various seafood burritos being some of my favorite items (had the "Del Mar" recently, filled with fish & shrimp, about $5.75 or something like that). The burritos are huge and enough for two meals. Also nice is the free chips and salsa bar. It was much better than my last burrito from Baja Fresh (which was more expensive and less filled).


LOL! That last photo is so Meta!


I have yet to try the shrimp coctele, and it sure looks yummy. I haven't been to Palomino's in awhile, mostly because the parking lot at lunch time is such a zoo. In the Mid-morning or mid-afternoon, it's much easier to park.


Ooo, shrimp coctele looks so good. I can't believe it's snowing up in the mountains. Brrrrr


Hi again,GT. Yes, the burritos are Chernobyl sized. I only did two prior posts andone was about soup...the salsa bar is wonderous and always filled. Palomino's is wonderful.
:) Darlene. You got it.
You are right Sandy...I do avoid the lunch hour, although have managed to find spots on the other (West) side of the Coffee Bean during even crowded times. Get the coctele to go (I think it is even larger/more shrimp in that to go container). It is so refreshing in the summer.
Oh Carol, if I did not know where I was, I'd say it was going to snow here tonight...


Hi Cathy
Never been there, but after reading this post,
I'm gonna have to make a trip. The soup and the
shrimp cocktail both look yummy

ed (from Yuma)

Great looking food. Good birria de Chivo is so wonderful.

The weather out here in the desert was like January too. Some rain and cold winds. Actually not too bad though. It could have been over 100 in other years.


You can look at my other two posts (linked in the top paragraph) Stephen, to see some of the other soups here, and the salsa bar. This is a very busy, very nice taco shop with some really great food. It is right across Ruffin from the Registrar of Voters. Really good food.
Hi, ed! This is a soup and not a stew, and has wonderful flavor also...must be the common denominator. We have had such an odd weather year so far...

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