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Tuesday, 13 April 2010



looks delicious!


Talk about anemic dishes panchan, but then again it's all about the meat otherwise the panchan must disguise the disappointment.


Hi Kat - I think they have some work to do.... but overall it was pretty good.

Hi Bill - It'll be interesting to see how that goes over.


yum! and with a name like honey pig, how cute!


Oh my god. I think I might cry. That was my favorite place to eat. Nothing is going to compare to that menu: RIP epic dolsot bimibap, the seafood pancake & the sweet potato noodles. If we'd known they were going, we would have eaten there every day for the last week.

Gah :(


Arirang is gone, huh? We'd go there on occasion for the buffet but I was never really enamored with it...

I'm in SD so I'll be heading to Dae Jeung Keum for lunch today for some mandoo guk...feeding the cold!


Ashai Beer? Love the misspelling on their menu.


Hi Lynnea - It is a cute name, isn't it.....

Hi Natalie - I didn't know the place had changed hands until YY let me know this past weekend. I was a bit surprised as well. I'm sorry that you lost one of your favorites. It does give you an opportunity to check out new places though!

Hi Rosa - I hope DJK is the perfect remedy for you!

Hi Kamisama - I didn't even notice that! Good catch. I must be getting immune to all the "Engrish".....


Hey Kirk! You know I have to try this place for all the obvious reasons, hehe! I'm always up for "CAB" BBQ, especially Bossam style! $30 is pretty good for 2 people.


Cab does CAB!!! ;o)




Kirk - ugh, but nothing compared to Arirang's dolsot bibimibap's cheapness + plentiful bowls. Sad to see the hostesses gone too, they were always bewildered/friendly. I guess Suzuya BBQ will get our business more often now, even though their bowls are smaller, their food is just as good.

:( still though. I shall wear black for a week in mourning.

Honey pig staff

thank you for coming. we are trying to do our best.Please keep monitoring how we improve our services, thanks again. We hope to see you agian.^^

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