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Wednesday, 07 April 2010



Yummy. I had really good Tapas in LA a couple years ago.

You should ask YY to make escargo with alioli. It's soft and you can eat it with a toothpick.


looks delicious!


If I recalled I accidentally stumble upon a tapas at the Block in OC once. Wife and I had no clue what a tapas was but the size of our dish left us, WTF? LOL
All the read had lifted us up a little. Next time we won't be too shock I guess.

The little fish fries look like a must order item.


Some interesting stuff.

Roppongi's in La Jolla has good tapas. They're sorta high-end Asian-fusion food but they have half-price tapas during Happy Hour too(4pm-6pm I believe).


I've only done tapas twice in my life, once in Fort Collins, CO and then at Picasso in the Hillcrest/North Park area. Both were really good, from what I remember. But then again, I'm susceptible to sangria so who knows.... :)

I love me some pasteis de bacalhao. Got some frozen ones in my freezer purchased from the Portuguese Imports shop in Artesia. Mmmmmm...

On a side note, whenever I tell someone I've been to a tapas bar, they think I said "topless"... =P


I really like Costa Brava - it is definitely one of the standout places in PB.

The mushroom dish is one of my favorites - but then I'm a vinegar fiend.


Hi Tammy - I will!

Hi Kat - Some of it was....escpecially the little fishies....

Hi Billy - He-he-he..... now you know those folks feel in VN restaurants when the big plate of veggies and herbs hit the table! ;o) Tapas usually mean "little plates".

Hi Denver - I've been to Roppongi's HH, it was goood, but they kinda ruined a lot of good ingredients with sauces and stuff.

Hi Rosa - You always write the funniest things..... the Hubby must always be in stitches!

Hi Mike - The flavors of the mushroom really tasted out of balance..... and I like vinegar.


Yes, fried potatoes in any form are good. Can't go wrong with that. Everything else looks delicious as well.


I love tapas! Especially during happy hour! Sangrias! Costa Brava is pretty yummy. I haven't been there in a while. Have you tried Picasso? Not as many options but what they have is pretty good.


Fried baby anchovies are my absolute favorite at this place!! yummy stuff. reminds me I have to go back again....


I like Costa Brava, and I also like the Turquoise Cafe in PB (on Turquoise St, imagine that). The ambience at Turquoise is a little more fun, I think, dark and dramatic and on some nights they have live entertainment. They make a great Spanish tortilla. They also have a happy hour though I haven't been there in a long time.


Hi Kirk - nice post - Costa Brava is one of my fave places. Haven't been there in awhile. Their "brava" sauce isn't really all that spicy though. You're right about the waiters - they warm up pretty quickly. When I went with my girlfriends, we ended up getting free sangria and free dessert. woo hoo!


Nah...I'm Korean! All I do is nag my husband. ;)


Hi Lynnea - Those potatoes are good.

Hi Kirbie - We haven't been to Picasso in years.... I guess it's the parking that drives us crazy. We're probably due for a visit soon.

Hi Michael - The Missus can devour a whole school of those.... or maybe two schools???

Hi Tracey - I've heard of the place..... but we've never made it there. Hopefully soon! Thanks for the reminder.

Hi CC - That spicy alioli isn't very spicy, but has a nice kick to it.

Hi Rosa - Wait, I thought you were Chinese!!! he-he-he...... ;o)

Mary Travel

I think Tapas in Costa Brava and Barcellona are the best!

Shiffer Smith

Hmmmm Yammeee

ferienhäuser spanien

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