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Friday, 16 April 2010



Sounds like you're set for a while Caoline! Thanks for the tip.

Caroline Young

Kirk, I just made this tonight. AWESOME marinade/batter!!! Just like the original Chicken Alice! The only problem was that by the time the chicken was cooked through, the batter was very dark. I tasted some of the batter when I took it out the first time around and it was perfect. It was already crispy (much better than the first version from years ago) and tasted fantastic. Can you suggest a way to keep it like that (instead of very dark) till the chicken is cooked? Maybe leave out the sugar? But the sugar makes it ono.... Dilemma! Or just let it cook all the way without double-frying? The cool-off period in between the frying lowered the internal temperature so that it takes longer to cook through.


Hi Caroline - I actually do the twice fry to cook the wings evenly, keep them moist, and also bringing the temp down made them not be almost black in color. In the beginning I just fried all the way. If that works for you, then you should go for it!

Linda Norris I just found online where you can buy at most one Parks kimchee sauce as well as many other favorite Hawaiian goodies including my beloved Lions chocolate macadamia nut coffee. Product items reasonable but shipping remained approximately 50ish dollars to TN for several (6) items or less one by one. Parks sauce shipped separately chilled than dry items with it's own separate mailing fee (I didnt check). Best to you!


Thanks for the info Linda! I'll definitely take a look.


Parks is still sold online at Leilanis Attic.
www.Leilanis They also sell a lot of Hawaiian food and memorabilia! It is readily available and reasonable :)


I had heard that Leilani's and Motu had merged, so this is interesting news Scotty. Thanks for the update.


Alice was a blessing to everyone who ventured into her store. In summary to the above....
- Outstanding foundational recipe for Chicken Alice chicken
- Park's Brand Kimchee sauce found in the refrigerated section of stores that carry the brand/product;
- The most recent modification works very well. Less water, cornstarch flour mix, more red pepper flakes, black pepper...I love garlic so I used the same amount as the regular recipe.
- I tried original recipe about 10 years ago and just made another batch 2 days ago. Did not see mod recipe but actually mod on my own almost identical to it though.


Hi Glen - Park's is still hit and miss here in SoCal. Marukai no longer carries it, so I need to hunt some down in the OC. I need to make this again soon! Thanks for commenting!

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