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Saturday, 27 March 2010



Hi Kirk,
Great post. I got a beautiful piece of yellowtail at Henry's that was previously frozen. I'm gonna try a couple of your recipes with it.


Wow, soon as I get less busy I want to start trying out a few of your recipes! My grandmother had a use for all the parts of a daikon including the leaf. Wish I were more curious about learning about them back then..


Way to compare that

You know, I always thought your dogs act more like human than dogs.


Haha, loved the post! Boy that daikon was huge. I was just at Marukai SD yesterday and was looking at some of the tuna. Now I wish I would have bought some.

ed (from Yuma)

Nice to see Sammie and Frankie showing up again in a post.

Tuna looks tasty too.


So adorable! looks like some haute cuisine you've made there.


with all that daikon, you can also do takuan. oroshi on soba, in tempura sauce, endless uses!


Hi Stephen - I think these dishes are best when using sushi grade fish, but please let me know how everything turned out.

Hi Dennis - If the leaves are fresh, we sometimes stir fry them. I enjoy the slight bitterness.

Hi Tammy - Unfortunately, we tend to treat them like humans sometimes...

Hi Carol - If you want good maguro, please check out Catalina Offshore.

Hi Ed - I'm glad you enjoyed seeing Da' Boyz.

Hi Lynnea - Actually, it's just Poke recycled.

Hi Kat - Thanks for the suggestions!

Fat Fudge

I live within a couple miles of the Torrance Farmers Market and go every Saturday. I see those huge daikons and am always tempted to buy one since they're so cheap and look so good. I asked the vendor if it could be stored outside the refrigerator, since there's not much space in my fridge, but he said "no". I'm a single person and even though I'm a huge vegetable eater, I'd have a problem trying to polish off one of those suckers by myself!


Hi FF - We actually left the daikon-nasaurus out overnight and it did fine. You are lucky to live close to the TFM, we used to drive forty miles each way on almost every Saturday to shop when we lived in LA.

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