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Monday, 15 March 2010


Eat. Travel. Eat!

That interior is sure an interesting thing. I haven't seen a large chandelier in a restaurant in years with windows surrounding it. Probably been about 5 years or so now?

I want some of that sesame bread now. Haven't had any pan fried bread in quite a while now.


Hey Kirk,

The first day I was in North-East China, my driver took me to a Muslim/Chinese restaurant and we had these pancakes filled with ground lamb and what I think where green onions along with a VERY rank mutton soup (with a bowl of MSG tableside!). I've always wanted to find those types of Pancakes, is there anywhere in San Diego or So-Cal that does it?


Really interesting post. I had no idea there was anything like Islamic Chinese food. Too bad the food was disappointing.


interesting combination of Islamic/Chinese...those portions do look huge!

ed (from Yuma)

It sucks when you drive somewhere looking for good food and don't find it. Hand cut noodles yum. Flavorless hand cut noodles not so yum.


Hi ETE - The front area is quite beautiful with the fountain and chandelier.

Hi Derek - You won't find a lamb/mutton version in San Diego. There are a couple of places that make stuffed breads, like Mr Dumpling.

Hi Stephen - Islamic Chinese is quite popular. Here's some additional info:

Hi Kat - The portions were just plain humungous.

Hi Ed - Yes, it can add to the disappointment. But if we don't check it out, we'd never know.....


Now I'm craving the Muslim chinese place near my parent's house. They make pretty good Lamb Dao Xiao Mian and good thick and thin sesame pancakes. I haven't tried any Muslim chinese places in Southern CA.


Hi Kirbie - Unfortunately, the best Islamic Chinese I've ever had was at Tung Lai Shun, but they have been gone for quite a while. I need to head back to China Islamic soon.


Oh man - the Thin Sesame Bread looks so yummy. Is there ANY place in SD that serves that? Have you made this dish before?

The noodles looked great. Have you been back to Dumpling Inn? I think I've only read one of your reviews for that place so curious to see if you've been back.

Nice post!


Hi Faye - No I haven't made this before but my MIL has. There arexseveral places that serve scallion bread in San Diego. None of them is even close to this. I've been to Dumpling Inn several times, and the only thing I can recommend is the jellyfish salad.

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