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Tuesday, 09 March 2010



eww! rancid fish...


So sad so was getting promising but it just fizzled out.


Hi Kat - That fish.... well, I'd rather not think about it.

Hi Bill - Yeah...... sad.....


Maybe the 'C' rating was for the food rather than their sanitary standards?


Hi Rosa - he-he-he..... you could be correct! ;o)


The fried tofu, at least in pics, look so light and fluffy and yummy! Too bad it wasn't good. Question - I've NEVER had stinky tofu (I know, odd, b/c I'm also Asian). I LOVE fried tofu though. Can you explain the taste of stinky tofu? I know alot of ppl would prefer to order it stinky vs regular (how funny does that sentence sound?!).

The fish looked awful! Did you send it back or say something? Is it possible to get a good fried fish for $9.99 in San Diego?

Sorry the visit there wasn't up to par :(


Hi Faye - It has a kind of must savory taste.....though there are versions that smell so much like sewage that I can't eat them. The Missus loves those! A ouple of tables had gotten their fish before us.... and it looked exactly the same, and I'm not sure if you've ever had experience in returning or rejecting stuff in these types of restaurants....but let me say, I'd rather have just written off the ten bucks.

Eat. Travel. Eat!

Uh oh! For me I think the only dish that I would eat would be the bamboo shoots :). C rated restaurants haven't been doing well in my book these days. I've only had two good experiences, all others were bad. :(


Hey ETE - I don't know about the 'C' grade, but that fish wasn't very good.

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