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Sunday, 28 March 2010



If you go back to read the post you will see I didn't make fun of your photos. I thought that a serious Peruvian restaurant would respect the potato more than to use what looked like crinkle cut frozen fries.

Here you go:

If you look at the next reply it was your friend Clayfu laughing.

It was an "interesting preparation" for the use of what could be sysco fries from a cuisine that birthed the potato.

So please set the record straight and stop misinterpreting this up like it was a cut at you or the dish or your photos. I think you have mentioned this at least 3 times in your blog incorrectly.
Thanks so much


looks delicious!


That looks so good I really miss me some Peruvian food.


Hi Alex - Well, how do you know I was writing about that? I actually was writing about an email I received. But looknig at that post, let me just say, I expected more out of you. And how do you know it wasn't Clayfu that I'm writing about? I think you have some issues you need to get over. Anyway, I looked through the blog, and I think I've mentioned this once before.... but what the heck it's my blog, right?

Hi Kat - Yes.

Hi Bill - All the ingredients were great in quality.

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