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Monday, 29 March 2010



Hi Sawyer - Thanks! I hope you get at least one more chance before going up to UCD.


That was the best birthday party. Ever. Thanks for having one. I learned so much and got to try everything I had wanted to try, but was afraid to order.


Hi Cathy - I'm glad you enjoyed yourself.... and thanks for the chips, they were delishi-yoso!

San Diego Lawyer

Happy Birthday!

I love your blog! I've passed by Ba Ren many times, it looks like quite a hole in the wall but after reading your blog posts I'll definitely check it out!


Hi SDL - You should check out Ba Ren!


Happy Belated birthday! My other half loves spicy. I don't eat meat of any kind (including broth) but love everything else. I would like to take us to Ba Ren before they close. How difficult would it be to specify vegetarian here? I don't want to be a disrespectful pain in the ass. Your photos are so enticing! Your blog is one of my favorites.


Hi GP - It's possible nd would be even more simple if you consume seafood. I think most items will use some meat based substne except for the standard issue vegetables....though you'll get some interesting things like stir fried potato strings. You can tell them not to use pork in stuff like the dry cooked green beans and no pork in the Mapo doufu....but you'll have to be careful.

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