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Monday, 29 March 2010



happy birthday, looks like I missed out on quite a bash! Is that karaoke going on in the picture?

Masa Assassin

We never get enough of Ba Ren post. The Deep Fried Shrimp with Egg Yolk sounds amazing, In fact, its calling me for lunch.


Thanks FH..... and yes, that was Karaoke. Scary thing is.... I think there's video evidence... I hope it doesn't make it to YouTube!

Hi FH - That is a killer dish. I'm pretty sure that even if it;s not on the seasonal menu anymore they'll make it for you!


happy birthday kirk!!!! the corn fritters were good - the yolk was duck wasn't it.


Happy Birthday Kirk! I find the long menu here particularly daunting and love reading these posts. Keep them coming!



Ahh, I can never get tired of cold noodles and fillet fish with bean threads.

The bbq corn is really good too. I think Mr. C didn't pay the guy outside when he bought six ears of corn.


"700 hundred" is a lot! :)

Happy Birthday! It looked like it was a lot of deliciousness and fun.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I keep looking out the kitchen window the last few days and see the guineas walking around their temporary enclosure. At first they look normal then my mind morphs them into their little heads hanging from a hook and their de-feathered bodies perfectly tea smoked brown with crispy skin. Surrounded by little dishes of condiments and sauces, steamed buns and pancakes for wrapping... I need to slap myself back into reality... ONE day... ;o)


Happy Belated B-Day!

I love lamb heck I love good food period and the Missus is too kind.


happy happy birthday to you!!


Hi CC - It was half duck half chicken.... hmmm... sounds like some strange creature. This is all chicken egg yolks I believe.

Thanks Dennis - I'm glad you enjoy these posts.

Hey Tammy! ;o) Sounds like Mr. C might have the "corn collector" after him.

Hi Hao - It was a blast. 700 would be a lot.... I'm trying to think, Ba Ren has been openalmost seven years.... so that would be a a hundred visits a year..... 8 visits a month.... 2 a week. Nah, I'm exagerating. The 1400 posts are for real though.

Thanks Jo! I hope you never have to return to "reality".

Hi Bill - Thank you sir! And the Missus is a treasure.

Thanks Kat!


I can't recall the first time I landed on your blog and I was hooked. I need a break ;-). That's a lot of post to read I even glance at it while on vacation!


I love your Ba Ren posts, and any of your other repeats!


happpppy bday!!! the bean thread dish looks goooood!!!!


Happy Birthday, Kirk!

So, what is that killer spicy bean threads dish called on the menu? So I know how to avoid it? Because that dish made my mouth so sad I had to wash it down with the fish boiled in red sauce because THAT dish was mild in comparison!

We've slowly been making our way through the Ba Ren menu, using the dishes we recognize from the Beer Week dinner as a jumping point. The shrimp with egg yolk looks mighty tasty, though!

ed (from Yuma)

Love Ba Ren. Feel so bad about missing your bday. Especially since it was only your 3rd.


Happy birthday!

such beautiful photographs. makes the food look so very enticing.


Happy Birthday! I always enjoy your posts about Ba Ren. Seems like its time for a return trip. Only this time, I'll pay more attention when they ask if I want it spicy!


Hi Bill - I really appreciate all your comments over the years. It keeps me motivated to keep going, so thanks!

Thanks Kirbie!

Hi Chi - It is pretty spicy.

LOL Leanne! I wanted to make sure that no one felt short changed on the spiciness of the food. ;O) Not to worry, though the dish is always available, it isn't on the menu.... so you won't have to worry about accidentally ordering it.

Hey Ed - I do pretty good for a three year old, huh?

Hi Lynnea - I'm sure you and Matthew would enjoy yourselves here.

Thanks so much Stephen. I hope you get just the right amount of heat next time.


man it's been way too long since i've had ba ren...i need to get down to sd more often. but thanks for the pictures...i can live/taste vicariously through your post. nice report and a happy belated to you!

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