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Tuesday, 23 March 2010



I love grilled and rotisserie chickens, but Mr. K has recently been into roasting them at home. I personally love all the sides, especially when they involve lard, beans, cheese and tortillas!


Now we have pearl guineas as well. 3 laying hens... They love Japanese beetles and ticks, both have been a problem here. Those bugs are turned into what I hear are very rich flavored eggs. We are getting 2 eggs a day so far, but the boys are trying to hatch them. We'll be getting 6 more and I've already told them when we have 12 trying to hatch, we are going to start eating them! ;o)


Hi FH - Yes, that magical four-lettered ingredient... lard!

Hi Jo - You told them! Haven't you seen Chicken Run! ;o) he-he-he....


LOL... Not recently! ;o) These burns are turning into egg laying fools! 4 eggs a day from 3 hens?!?!


I agree with you on Saffron.

I hate Saffron. I went there back in Nov '09, it was my first time (after hearing so many people talk about it) and also will be my last time. Never going there again.

I can make better Kai Yaang at home.


Hi Saya - Oh my..... though I agree with you. It sure ain't Kai Yaang.

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