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Tuesday, 23 March 2010



Thanks Kirk, I've been waiting for this post since you commented on Canine Cologne's blog! Haven't been back to Saffron in a long time but they were convenient when I took a language class upstairs of Gelato Vera.. Anyway funny I was going to do a crazy chicken post soon. One of my early memories of coming to L.A..


LOL that is hilarious about the missus.....double lol at the seasoning...guess people thought it was that lucas stuff they sell from the ice cream trucks. i'm finally gonna try that hawaiian place u suggested tomorrow. my first loco moco ever...hehe

Masa Assassin

He Kirk great coverage on the pollo. Let me know when you go to Sab e Lee 2, I would love to tag along. Hilarious about Casa de Pepe "do you want bbq sauce"


Your picture of Tajin seasoning mix evoked a random memory - the first time we encountered it was in Mexico City. We were sitting at the counter of a little place and our server used it on top of some fruit that she was eating for lunch and she shared it with us.

The style (chile and lime) is very typical of the seasoning that is used on fruit, but I specifically remember this particular brand.


the chicken from nazca grill looks the best! funny about that tajin spice.


what a deal from internacional 2000! hard to pass that up.


So Kirk... now that we have our very own chickens in our very own back yard... Will that bring you to investigate NC? They are gonna be big enough to eat in about 2 months. ;o)


$8.50 for a complete bird I am sold.


Hi Dennis - I can see convenience, but soooo many people just rave about the chicken there.

Hi Sawyer - Good luck with the loco moco! And congrats on UCD!

Hi MA - Great, I'll let you know.

Hi Mike - The Missus loves the stuff on mango!

Hi Kat - Don't mistake that for candy!!! ;O)

Hi Lynnea - Yes, it is quite a deal.....

Hi Jo - Hmmm...maybe....

Hi Bill - That is quite a deal....


Huh, I didn't realize you had gone to Pok Pok. It's expanded quite a bit, with a small bar and indoor sit down area. The menu was about 20 or so items when I went and changes frequently as Andy gets inspired by his travels (or so I hear).

I believe he also owns the Whiskey Soda Lounge across the street, which has a more standard ambiance.

Online Consultation

This is one bunch that I like. Chicken Galore. Thanks for sharing I enjoyed reading it.


Hi Hao - I've been to the Whiskey Soda Lounge as well:


hi kirk - looks like i need to try the chicken at nazca grill AND SEL2!!!!!

omfg - the fish sauce wings at que huong were so good!!!!!


Great post Kirk. I agree with you on Saffron. I stopped the once. I was not impressed with the chicken.
I don't understand why all the raves. I also never
understood why El Indio is so popular. Last time I tried it, it was like something you would get in a junior high cafeteria.


Saffron is mediocre at best but the Cambodian salad and the wide noodle chicken soup is actually very worthy and occasionally, craveable! I used to love the drunken noodles but lately it's been very, very greasy!


Hi CC - Have I ever led you to bad chicken wings????

Hi Stephen - I think El Indio has something to do with nostalgia, and a long history in this town. Same with Saffron to an extent. They both have their loyal following.

Hi Keena - I've never had what I'd consider a good noodle dish or soup at Saffron.... it all seems so dumbed down and bland. I need ot give it another shot.


hi kirk! never!!!!! so thanks!!!!

saffron disappointed me with their papaya salad. i thought it was the kind with shredded green papaya. no, it was the ripe reddish/orange papaya. it was awful. el indo ain't all that either.

i think i'll be going to que huong again really soon!


Hey CC - You need to check out Huynh Hoa Tuu as well. Have fun.... the area is teeming with decent to good eats.


LOL, now we know why the chicken crossed the road. Seriously though, when they bbq chicken, they should put a cover on top of the chicken(like Webber grills), otherwise it's jerky by the time the chicken's safely cooked.


Hi RONW - Yes, and well, no.... creating a two tier heat can prevent some of the dryness, but that's not what these places try to do.

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