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Tuesday, 16 March 2010



Wow look at that leek pie! I might have to try it despite the so-so description. But I feel ginger should come automatically with XLB..?


leek? I thought the filling is traditionally chives?


Does it mean they no longer have the all-you-can-eat hot pot?




The place sure looks fancy unfortunately the food isn't up to par. Heck I'm a fool for dumpling especially XLB I have yet to find an XLB I haven't shovel down my throat. LOL


Hi Dennis - Ginger is one of those required items for XLB as far as I'm concerned.

Hi Hao - Check out the dumplings, does this place strike you as particularly traditional.

Hi Jess - We didn't order the hot pot, so I wouldn't know. I can tell you that we were given the hot pot menu with prices for each individual item on it.

Hi Kat - Yeah......

Hi Bill - LOL..... I do love the look of the place.


I saw the same sign about two weeks ago and was wondering if they had changed owners or just changing things up to get more customers. I was really tempted by the 30% off and by the hot pot..but my last experience there was so disappointing that I didn't want to risk going there. So glad you did a post! So sad the dumplings still aren't up to par. I'm tempted by the hot pot though. Is 30% off all meals or are there restrictions?


The colored dumplings look so Easter-y huh? I would order those just to look at 'em! That's so unfortunate that the XLB wasn't great. I hate those moments. It's almost so defeating.

But the leek pie and beef pancake, at least, look decent. Have you had the beef pie at Lil' Sheep Mongolian hot pot (or whatever it's called).

My cousin went to Mr. Dumpling a while back and said it was probably THE worst, slowest service EVER. How was the service that day?

Nice post!


Hi Kirbie - You know, I really didn't ask much about the hot pot, so you might want to check them out.

Hi Faye - Service was fine, though there were only three tables of customers. I haven't had the beef pie at Little Fat Sheep, I'm going to have those items when it gets too hot for hot pot.


(to Lady Gaga's "Poker Face") p-p-p-pot stickers
can't eat my, can't eat my
no he can't eat my Xiao Long Bao

Sadness... I never tried Mr. Dumpling but was always curious about it. But all the negative and "meh" reviews kept me away.


LOL Rosa - You are too funny....


I have not been to Mr. Dumpling since the new menu but have had the all you can eat hot pot several times before and it was indeed enjoyable and the price was right at under $20 per person. I hope you try it. I would like to hear what you think. Apparently Dede's does an all you can eat hot pot for $25 a person but I have never seen anyone order it.


Hi PJ - Thanks for the rec. I'll try to get to that hot pot when I have a chance.

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