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Thursday, 11 March 2010



I adore Minh Ky! But that parking lot is a nightmare!


Hi G - Yes, that parking lot is terrible.....


sounds like crappy parking!


Hi Kirk, as far as I remember your RDNS description spot on mirrors what I had. For restaurants these days though "gotten better over time" is so refreshing to hear!?


The food looks good and parking seems to be typical of any Asian place.I didn't realize there was such a Asian present in SD.


Hi Kat - This is one tough parking lot.

Hi Dennis - Yes, it seems that Minh Ky has gotten better over time.

Hi Bill - This parking lot is even worse than most! ;o)


I used to live a block away from Minh Ky so we got to be regular customers there. I find the chow fun to be one of the better dishes there, generally good balance of sauce vs. noodles and a little smokiness from the wok. I usually get the beef with gai lan.

The roast duck is generally okay but is never great.

I really like their fish porridge especially since you can get fresh you tiao to go with it there.


Lousy parking lot is right. How can you have an aisle that is a cul-de-sac?

I've never gone to Minh Ky, but that chow fun looks yummy. I'd try to park on the street first. However, it seems that I'm usually at that strip mall to pick up food from A Chau, and you really do need to park close by for getting large orders.


Hi SK - The first time we had the chowfun, it was good, they second time.... it was a totally different dish!

Hi Sandy - Whomever planned that parking lot should be cited.....

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