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Monday, 22 March 2010



the servings look quite generous! everything looks good!


what a feast for an army...


Holy meatfest, batman!


Hi Kat - I think I still prefer Village Grill (except for the bread), but this was quite good.

Hi Bill - and a half....

Hi Rosa - You have a way of putting things that always cracks me up!


Looks amazing and such gorgeous colors too.

Oh I hope you gave the doggies a nibble or two of lamb. how sweet.


Hi Lynnea - Sorry to say Da' Boyz didn't get any... sshhh don't tell them!


Hmmm, looks a lot like the meal for 4 or 5 at ali baba. Is the bread better here or at ali baba?


Hi jenni - I thought the bread was better at Ali Baba. But the Schwarma and the Kabobs were better here.


wow, that platter alone makes me want to go there!!!! the quail looked good too!


Hey CC - I'd suggest Village Grill, though the bread here is better. All of these places have "feasts" make sure you bring an extra stomach (or two)!


Everything looks so great! and I'm really fascinated/attracted to their sign...


LOL Dennis! Pretty colors, huh?


Hi Kirk, I'll take pictures for you anytime. :-)

The leftovers were even better reheated the next day!


Hi Jenne - You might just be my photographer from now on! ;o)

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